10 Best YouTube Titles for Getting the Most YouTube Views

10 Best YouTube Titles for Getting the Most YouTube Views

If you have a video on YouTube then you naturally want that video to get a lot of viewings. If you are using this as a means of internet marketing then you absolutely want to get as many people to come see your video as possible. 

There are a few things that make a difference in whether people come see the clip or not.

The first thing to consider is the title of the video clip. The title of your video tells people basically what the clip is about. You want to make certain that you choose keywords that will cause people to recognize that the video you have contains information they are interested in.

The next thing that you have to remember when creating the title for your video is that once you have chosen the best keywords to describe what the video contains you need to make sure the word video is included. Place the word video directly behind the strongest keyword that you have such as; car maintenance video, flower design video, laughing baby video. People will then understand that they are going to see a visualization of the keyword and not be led to just an article for them to read.

Think carefully about the audience you are trying to attract. 

You want to use words and phrases that will meet those individual’s interest. If the title to your video is created using words that are obsolete, or difficult to understand the majority of the people that see it will not click on the video. Use words that are easy to understand and attention grabbing.

If the video you have is closely related to another product, or video, that is already popular you can name your video using words that show that it is very similar to the popular item. If Monster High Dolls Video is currently getting a lot of views you could name your selection Ghoulish Monster High Dolls in Video.

The following are ten examples of titles that would be attention grabbing, and create more interest in the video content.

1.       How to Make the Best Apple Pie without oven?

2.       5 Easy Ways to Write a Resume!

3.       7 Extreme Fashion Do’s and Don’ts!

4.       The secret of creating your own Fashion Designs 

5.       2 Quick and Easy Way to Create Apple Pie!

6.       Grandma’s Apple Pie made Easy

7.       Need Apple Pie Just Like Sara Lee? Try this simple solution!

8.       The Best Ever Fashion Designs Video!

9.       Make an Impression with your Fashion Design in Just 3 Minutes!

10.   The top Ten Fashion Mistakes you need to avoid!

Use your imagination, have fun with the name, and remember that people respond to the same types of things that you respond to, so if you like it, go with it.

One more point to remember is that when you are uploading your videos to multiple websites it is a good idea to have separate titles for all your uploads. Using same titles for videos on different websites reduce your chances to capture audiences through different phrases which can attract them.


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