8 reasons why your videos are not getting enough youtube views

8 reasons why your videos are not getting enough youtube views

Reason #1: "You missed the YouTube keyword research tool"

Did you know that YouTube has its own keyword research tool? No it's not Adword keyword which we use to find niches, it's something which YouTube has built for videos and videos only because people use different terms when searching for videos and when searching the web.

Like for example, if someone is searching for "cake" on Google, it will show you the shops in your area or places you can order a cake - but when you search for "cake" on YouTube it will show you recipes on how to bake your own cake.

Ask yourself before uploading your video, how much time did you spend on keyword research? It is probably the most important and most overlooked thing when it comes to video marketing.

Never forget that a video that doesn't show up in search results, no matter how good it may be, isn't very useful. So do your keyword research well.

Reason #2: "Trying to tell too much or too little!"

Article video robot videos work great when they are short and simple. When they have just enough content to hook in a prospect but when they don't tell it all! When you tell too little people will lose interest and even a little cheated. On the other hand if you try to tell them everything, then they don't have to click that link of yours in the description, which is how you get traffic to your website.

Never forget that the whole point of creating a video is to get traffic back to your website and you want to pique their interest just enough so that they are interested in learning more, and that is by clicking the backlink in your description.

Reason #3: Your video title isn't that interesting?

Take this for example.. What would you rather click..


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