ArticleReel: Configuring ArticleReel Sidebar Settings

ArticleReel: Configuring ArticleReel Sidebar Settings

In part one of the article, we introduced the basic concepts of ArticleReel and how it could be used to improve traffic to your website. In this second part, we look at how to customize the ArticleReel SideBar as well as the Rebuild option which one could use to recreate the ArticleReel cache. So let's get started right away.

What is the ArticleReel SideBar?

The ArticleReel SideBar is the panel that is displayed on the right of all ArticleReel pages. Being a SideBar, it naturally suits Flash vertical banner ads,  Google AdSense ads, custom tracking code or even have a list of hyperlinks that you wish to have displayed in your ArticleReel video blog all time. Very quickly, below are quick steps on how to configure your ArticleReel SideBar:

1) Make sure you're logged into your ArticleVideoRobot account.

2) Navigate to the URL
This will launch the Configure Advanced Features page.

3) Now, click the button Configure SideBar / AdSense Ads button. The Configure AdSense Settings window opens.

4) Enter the AdSense HTML code and click Update SideBar Content

Thats it, you've configured your SideBar. The content that is updated in the Sidebar, i.e. Google AdSense code  or your custom HTML code will start to show up within 24-48 hours in the SideBar.

Rebuilding your ArticleReel

Just to give you some background, when you host ArticleReel on your own server, ArticleReel creates a temporary cache folder called ar_cache. The first time ArticleReel is launched from your domain, ArticleReel stores a copy of all the videos, images in the ar_cache folder. Next time on, ArticleReel will load the flash videos, images and the associated HTML/CSS files from the cache (hosted locally on your server) rather than having to load the data from ArticleVideoRobot servers. However, when you update your flash movie or make changes to your SideBar and when you do not see the changes in your ArticleReel website, you would need to refresh your cache, i.e. delete all existing files and have ArticleReel load the videos from our server. This process is called rebuilding ArticleReel.

To rebuild ArticleReel, one has to simply pass on the rebuild parameter to the ArticleReel URL. For example, if your website address is then the you would use the following URL to rebuild:

It might take a couple of minutes to rebuild and your ArticleReel would then load your latest ArticleReel website.


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