How to use ArticleReel to generate backlinks, increase website traffic and improve Google rankings

How to use ArticleReel to generate backlinks, increase website traffic and improve Google rankings

One of ArticleVideoRobot's biggest feature launch till date is ArticleReel. What is it anyway? ArticleReel is a new tool that will generate hundreds of quality backlinks, and increase traffic to your website many fold. Well, you may wonder that you have many tools that claim to generate "instant" backlinks so whats the catch? As always, ArticleVideoRobot brings in unique and powerful technology built on years of internet experience. ArticleReel is unique because it starts working to build backlinks to your website and it does on its own, day in and day out as long as you have ArticleReel hosted on your website. All you would need to do is spend a few mins to set it up and its your ticket to boosting website traffic and to seeing your website rated in Google rankings. And all this for free!

Why ArticleReel?

ArticleReel works in the background and keeps generating backlinks to your website through its unique technology. The regular SEO tools/services do "optimize" your website to be SEO friendly and this does work, but only for a while. Why? Search engines like Google are getting more smarter by the day and track websites not only based on its keywords but factor in a number of other points such as content quality, frequency of content updates, number of backlinks, weightage of backlinks, etc.  to name a few. This again is not set on stone - Google keeps improving its search algorithms to make sure the rankings are accurate as possible which means your website needs to be tuned to match up with the expectations of the search engines to make sure you're always in Google rankings. This is where ArticleReel steps into the picture - ArticleReel is that someone who could keep your website SEO optimized, keep generating backlinks to your website, keep improving (and sustaining) the Google traffic rankings and make sure you're website is indexed for the maximum possible keyword searches every other day!

How does ArticleReel work?

ArticleReel incorporates sophisticated technology with the years of marketing experience that puts your internet marketing on auto-pilot leaving you to concentrate on your core function. When you create an ArticleReel website, ArticleReel automatically creates backlinks between ArticleReel sites that fall into the same category. So for example if you have installed ArticleReel on your website and there is another ArticleReel website named and if the two websites fall in the same category, then the two websites would start exchanging backlinks automatically. That is not all. If is already exchanging backlinks with other ArticleReel websites, then would start exchange with "sites" that link to as well.

Hang on, don't think that ArticleReel is just another link exchange - absolutely not! What I've mentioned is just one of the ways in which ArticleReel increases backlinks. ArticleReel is a full featured video blog that is automatically updated as you add new ArticleVideoRobot videos. This means that the content on your website is updated regularly which keeps search engines like Google busy and your website is always on the hot list.  On every ArticleReel video page, you get your entire article posted which means you don't have to worry about keyword optimization since you have the entire article for Google to index. This is a double-advantage since ArticleReel not only sets up a video blog, but you now also have all your text articles posted along with it searching as a great repository and that which serves as rich content for Google to index. How does this translate into generating traffic to your website? Because your ArticleReel is set up on your website, and because you have your articles setup in your ArticleReel, Google indexes your website URL (let say every time it indexes your article,  Google associates your website URL with top keywords that it indexes your articles for. In addition, ArticleReel generates only quality backlinks, has its own alogirthm to determine the weightage of the backlinks so you could be rest assured that your website gets quality sites linking back to your website.

How do I get started with ArticleReel?

Setting up ArticleReel is pretty simple. I would first recommend that you have a look at this video that provides a quick walkthrough:

Once you ready to go ahead, setting up ArticleReel shouldn't take you more than a few minutes using the ArticleReel wizard. To launch the ArticleReel wizard, login to your ArticleVideoRobot account and then click on the ArticleReel image on the left. Alternatively, you could go navigate to the below URL directly after you login to your ArticleVideoRobot account.

The ArticleReel is a self-explanatory wizard and you should be able to find your way without much problem. Also, you would just have to spend a few minutes to allow the ArticleReel wizard to convert your ArticleVideoRobot video into ArticleReel's format.

Time to get started!

I doubt if you would be reading this line as I am sure you would have already launched the ArticleReel wizard and started getting your videos ArticleReel-ed. The clock starts now and let ArticleReel take care of generating traffic to your website. Time to go ahead and grab a hot coffee :)


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“I sure am glad I found your blog and joined AVR. I signed up for Article reel as I have been hearing about the powerful advantages of this feature lately. Spot on, just the tools I was looking for.”

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foreveradog foreveradog (02:18 AM)

“What a great tool this article reel is. I can see how beneficial this would be to backlinking. The only challenge I have with a small "c" is that I write articles on a variety of topics in many different categories and I'm not sure I totally understand how to take best advantage of the article reel for my situation. Would I be just limited to one category, or would I just select general and create a one all encompassing reel for everything? Any suggestions?

John Paduchak”

John Paduchak John Paduchak (21:39 PM)

“I have the same issue as John above, I want to create a different reel for each of my topics..... Is that possible?”

Maurice Hutton Maurice Hutton (16:24 PM)

“ thing since sliced bread! My skills lie in writing articles, not making videos. Now I can easily create videos in minutes from the articles I have written! This technology takes my strength and puts it on steroids! Awesome!”

Ieishah Edwards Ieishah Edwards (00:28 AM)

“that is such a very good new feature
But plz I have a question

How can I download the video after creating it in the FREE version
I can do nothing with it after creating it

Plz someone answer me”

Attraction Accelelator Attraction Accelelator (17:22 PM)

“I write on a variety of niches and would like to create content on all of them. How then do I use the articlereel for this? Say there is information on acne, credit, online surveys, tendonitis. How do I do an articlereel on these. Which site do I use??
Don't understand and could use some help.

steve steve (23:45 PM)

“I just found this info.
Looks too good to be true almost.

I do write to my blogs and post them out so this does make complete sense.
My young webmaster friend keeps telling me to do vids.
I do not have good technology yet to do this.

Looks like I may have an answer.

What about a 54 year young guy who is still somewhat of a technophobe?

I've come far in 3 years but still have some of that phobia.

I did not yet see a price but this looks worth a try.”

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“I have the scrapebox and been using it. There is alot of 'fallout' so after you use it a few times, you get the feel for how many actually go through but basically it works well as you could never do that many by hand plus it bring visitors if you post the right comments as that is the key.

How do we get answers for the questions above? I too am quite interested in this as it sounds great. I do like to try things before I buy and then I calculate the expense versus the benefit too. I feel the article video robot is more than worth what it costs after studying it and I am on my first video. Excited to get one done but want to see what things I can add versus what things are 'boiler plate'. Will check this out too.”

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