ArticleVideoRobot Tip: Quick Steps To Setup ArticleReel in your domain

ArticleReel is a great feature to that could progressively improve the SEO capabilities of your website and generate targeted traffic. We've seen many users have questions on setting up ArticleReel on their domain. In the post, let me take you through alternative steps that you could use to have your ArticleReel up and running in no time. While the recommended option is to use the integrated FTP publishing option to publish your ArticleReel to your website, you may follow the steps below  to manually upload ArticleReel to your website as an alternate method.

1) Login to your ArticleVideoRobot account and navigate to the following URL:

You would be prompted to download a zip file. The zip files contains the index.php and .htaccess files that you should upload to your website to setup ArticleReel. Make sure the zip file is fully downloaded.

2) Create a new folder named "articlereel" or "videos" under your website's root directory (you could choose any name of your choice). Note that your website root directory usually is under a folder named public_html or www (based on your hosting provider).

3) Upload the index.php and .htaccess to the new folder that you just created in step 2.

3) Launch the ArticleReel page from your website by typing the URL or (depends on the folder name created. If the site does not load on using then try

4) That is all it takes to setup ArticleReel. The first time ArticleReel is launched from your website, a new folder named ar_cache is created in your ArticleReel directory. Ensure that the folder permission on the ar_cache folder is 777

Hope this helps.

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“Doesn't work... I get:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: http_build_query() in /homepages/25/d279858094/htdocs/wsb5278195601/articlereel/index.php on line 32

Please advise”

James McInerney James McInerney (03:19 AM)

“Nice blog post, beneficial info. Added you to my Rss reader.”

Karma Mohs Karma Mohs (03:31 AM)

“This could happen if your webhosting is currently running PHP 4 - ArticleReel uses PHP 5 functions and hence the call to http_build_query() fails. To fix the problem, you can try one of the two options:

1) Rename the index.php file to index.php5 (yes, with .php5 extension) on your webserver


2) Add the following link in your .htaccess file
AddType x-mapp-php5 .php

I would recommend that you try the first option and see if it fixes the problem. Let me know how it goes. If you still have issues, please raise a Support Ticket by going to our Online Support Desk (”

Ganesh Sathyanathan Ganesh Sathyanathan (17:33 PM)

“[...] [...]”

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