Automatically Create Video and publish to Internet in Three Minutes

Automatically Create Video and publish to Internet in Three Minutes

Have you checked out the videos on the internet lately? Give me a serious break, pal! A definite majority of them are pure junk with poor lighting, lousy script, embarrassingly amateurish acting, and regrettably boring content. Then another third of them are strictly average. The only reason people watch many of them is because the clips are weird, squirrely, or just pure sick. Then there are a few that are professionally made, with great info, slick engineering, and entertaining content.

What about you? I know you've been yearning to create videos since sometime immediately before the invention of color TV. And maybe you've given it a timid try here and there. But you expected to look like Elizabeth Taylor or Tom Cruise and, on screen, you looked more like an ordinary bumpkin stumbling through a poorly written script as if you just got home from a German beer fest. So now you're considering acting lessons at one hundred and fifty dollars a shot. It ain't rocket science, junior. You need more than a few acting lessons and a two thousand dollar face lift.

Have you ever heard of Article Video Robot? Well, if not, you must have been hiding under a rock somewhere. Article Video Robot is the coolest way to make your own videos. I'm serious as a heart attack, girlfriend. Using this service, you can actually place your best article content on video within minutes. Not only that, but you can select a musical background, and you can choose from a wide variety of actor's voices. Now, my voice, the character named Heather, sounds incredibly natural. The words appear on screen with special effects.

Plus, Article Video Robot makes it possible for you to submit your video with one push of a button to up to 17 video websites as well as social networking sites. You need to get up off your hindquarters and sign up for Article Video Robot. Imagine the added promotion you could get if you transformed all your ezine articles into sharp, zippy videos.


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