Boost your video marketing traffic using enhanced voice-over features

Boost your video marketing traffic using enhanced voice-over features

When video marketing is your priority, then ArticleVideoRobot provides the perfect tools you need to turn your video marketing campaign into a success story. At ArticleVideoRobot we strive to build the best tools for video marketing on the Internet which leads us to constantly innovate and introduce new features to ensure you get maximum leverage out of your video marketing efforts. An important aspect of video marketing is to have a voice-over on the background which would read out key points in the video to ensure that the audience stay engaged. While ArticleVideoRobot already supports 12 voice-overs, we have done a major overhaul of the voice-over engine to make sure that your voice-overs sound better, clearer and add value to the video. If you would launch the Voice Libray now, you would notice the new options almost instantly:

The new features to the VoiceOver engine one would immediately recognize are the options to adjust the Speed and the Pitch of the built-in voices. To increase the rate at which the voice-over reads the text, simply select an appropriate value from the dropdown list.

The pitch of the voice-over, or the rate of vibration in the voice is particularly useful when you wish to lower the robotic tone in the voice. We've heard from customers that some voices sound robotic. Increasing the pitch of the voice (to Higher or Highest values) would lower the robotic tone. By increasing the speed of the voice and increasing the Pitch value, one could subsequently improve the voice-over quality and lower traces of robotic sound.

Also, clicking the B icon on the VoiceOver window increases the emphasis of the voice-over on the particular text. Use it when you want to put across important text in your video. One instance where you might want to use the emphasis feature is on the closing slides where you put across key points or the summary of the entire video

Build your own pronunciation vocabulary

Most often we've come across instances when the voiceover does not pronounce the word correctly. This happens on complicated words such as medical, scientific or engineering terms, names of people or persons and acronyms (such as FSMO which is actually pronounced as fizzmo). With the new feature, you could build a library of pronunciations which AVR replaces everytime it encounters the term on any of your flash video. This option could be launched by clicking the book-like icon on the Voice Library window.

One could also associate a pronunciation with a particular voice. This could be useful during instances when a particular voice-over does not prononunce the word properly (this is because we purchase the voice-overs from a third-party vendor and sometimes the pronunciations are not the same or better doesn't sound the same across the voice-overs). By associating the corrections with individual voice-over, you make sure it doesn't affect other voice-overs that pronounce the word correctly.

Record over phone:

Another new feature is the option to record your voice-over through phone. One might wonder why would we need this since there already is an option that to record the voice via the microphone option.

The Record over phone could actually prove handy in instances where you have someone else lending the voice for your video. You could ask the other person to dail into (513) 428 9972, enter the 5-digit passcode and then start recording their voice. Upon hang up, you would simply have to click the Import Message. The voice recording would be instantly added to the paragraph for which the recording window was open.


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