Convert your articles to exciting videos

Convert your articles to exciting videos

Online internet marketing isn’t really a new thing these days since it first began during the early years of the Internet. However, it is becoming more popular than ever as more advertisers are seeking to bring their products to the web in hopes of making money from the so many consumers online looking for a good product, service, or business opportunity.

People still look for these quality products and services using the most popular method, searching using the search engines. Once you make a search query, you’ll find hundreds to millions of search results with many of them containing links to articles that try to route you to the right path. Advertisers make articles with certain keywords so that their pages show up in the first results. While that is an effective way in adding visibility to the product or service website, the articles themselves can be pretty boring to read. If they are poorly written, the entire article will just be ignored and your site won’t get traffic.

However, you can fix this problem by converting your articles into exciting videos. Social media marketing is so big these days so it is important to keep up with the competition and go on the same level as other companies that have found success in advertising through the use of videos.

You don’t need to be a professional though in getting this done. In fact, there are three ways to convert your articles into videos and it’s not very hard to do.

Let a Service Do it For You

You should only do this if you really don’t have time to do the other methods. There are some good services that can easily convert your article into a video like the ArticleVideoRobet at You will need some money to spare, but the packages aren’t that expensive and are worth it if you want to create a good marketing campaign fast. Basically, the service can turn your articles to videos in less than three minutes and immediately let you distribute them from there.

Create Your Own Video

This method is obviously longer than letting a service do it for you, but making a video yourself can be fun for some people and it’s a great experience in trying to make a good presentation. Since you are the creator, the possibilities are virtually endless and you have more of an advantage if you have some good commercial video editing software. Still Windows Movie Maker is a great choice for beginners and it is enough to convert articles into videos.

You don’t have to delete your article after you have your video since none of the words on the video can be indexed. Therefore, it is best to have the article for indexing and the video to really help guide people.


“As most people know, Google loves YT videos and its pretty easy to see why and how a AVR piece of content will produce faster and more traffic than the routine text only variety. I'm sure you guys will add more features over time, but for now, you've come up with a pretty strong entry combo. That's one reason I am not only a user but an affiliate as well. Bravo Boys!”

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