Demistifying the Advanced Editor - a quick primer

Demistifying the Advanced Editor - a quick primer

Time and again, there have been numerous questions about the Advanced Editor, its usage and the integration with ArticleVideoRobot which warrants a full-blown user guide itself. This article however is an attempt to quickly introduce the Advanced Editor and provide essential resources that would get one up to speed to fully use it.

What is the Advanced Editor?

The Advanced Editor is a full-fledged flash editor developed by our subsidiary company Toufee. The Advanced Editor's commercial name is Toufee as well. The Advanced Editor, as the name suggests is a comprehensive flash editor program that lets you customize the properties, effects and timings of every flash object to a high level of detail. The Advanced Editor comes with a truckload of effects, animated backgrounds, text styles, shapes and support for granular timing control that could help you tweak your ArticleVideoRobot to make sure you get the best of both worlds, i.e. the ease of use of ArticleVideoRobot to quickly create videos while using the Advanced Editor to add the finer details.

Behold though, the Advanced Editor is available only in the Business Account only. Ofcourse, it is a premium feature hence only available with the Business Account.

Opening a Video in Advanced Editor

You could open only existing ArticleVideoRobot videos in the Advanced Editor. What it means is that you cannot directly create a new video using the Advanced Editor - you need an existing ArticleVideoRobot video that you could work wit the Advanced Editor. To launch a AVR video in the Advanced Editor, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your account

  2. Click on the Full AVR Editor button. This will open a new window. Click on Open Existing Projects button

  3. Select the flash video project and click Distribute this movie button

  4. In the following screen that opens up, click the Advanced Editor button.

An important point to note is that when an existing AVR video is opened in the Advanced Editor, a copy of the video is created. The Advanced Editor then works with this newly created copy. All changes that you make in the Advanced Editor are made to the copy of the video that was created when you opened the video in the Advanced Editor. Why is it designed that way? The Advanced Editor uses a different format and structure when compared with the regular ArticleVideoRobot wizards to store and work with videos. It is for this reason that a copy of the video is created the first time you edit a AVR video in the Advanced Editor. When you launch the Open Existing Projects, you will notice that ArticleVideoRobot appends the text (Advanced Version) to it.

Note: A word of caution - when you wish to open a video that is edited in the Advanced Editor, strictly follow the steps listed above. Do not click the Edit in Advanced Editor from the existing AVR video to open the video in the Advanced Editor - this overwrites any existing "Advanced Copy" of the same video and you risk losing your existing work done in the Advanced Editor for the selected video.

Previewing Advanced Editor videos

To preview a video that is edited with the Advanced Editor, you would have to use the Advanced Editor itself. Use the Movie -> Play option from the main menu or use the click blue eye-like button on the top right. This opens the preview window within.

How To Download Advanced Editor Videos

You would have to use the Advanced Editor again. Select Publish -> Export to YouTube (AVI, FLV, MOV) option from the main menu. Then click Add your movie to the queue button. You should then receive an email momentarily with the download link.

How Do You Distribute Advanced Editor Videos to Video Sites?

The next logical question, obviously. This is a two-phase process. You would have to first download the video using the Advanced Editor as described above. Once you have downloaded the video, you could use ArticleVideoRobot's video submission wizard to submit the video to the video sites. The following KB article discusses this in detail:

More Resources on the Advanced Editor:

The buck doesn't stop here. The Advanced Editor has numerous features that one could make use of.  We have useful video tutorials on the Advanced Editor which can be accessed below:

Introduction to the Advanced Editor

Working with Basic Transitions

I would also recommend that you go through the official Toufee blog that has useful how-to articles on most of the features that are available in Advanced Editor. You could access the blog from the following URL:

I hope that the above information helps. Should you have any more questions, you may raise a ticket to Support Desk ( and I'd be glad to assist.

Ganesh Sathyanathan
ArticleVideoRobot Support


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