How Google Panda alogrithm can affect search rankings of your ArticleReel sites

How Google Panda alogrithm can affect search rankings of your ArticleReel sites

Here is an important update - Google has improved its search algorithm named "Panda" which changes how websites are listed in its search results. While we're a bit late to update our users, and some of you maybe already about Google Panda. For those of you who aren't aware, you may check out the following page for more information on Google Panda:

What's in stake as an article producer or someone who creates video articles using ArticlelVideoRobot? The immediate impact would be that the rankings of ArticleReel sites might get positively or negatively affected based on the quality of the content. If you look at Google's guidance for the algorithm, it is indicated that the focus is on high-quality content and a clean layout to present the information. ArticleReel sites use a standard blog-style layout, with clear navigation,  and well-laid out links to pages to the sites. To add, the focus is on the quality of the content and the quality of the writing - so if you already have a original, quality information, then you're sure to see improved search rankings for your ArticleReel sites. Also, remember that your ArticleReel site is more effective when you host it from a dedicated domain, i.e. from your own .com address. The following blog article discusses how to host your ArticleReel on your domain:

It is also possible for some ArticleReel sites to be negatively impacted by the Panda algorithm. To workaround the issue, we recommend those users to review Google's guidance and focus on the content quality. If you have some old articles that are being repeated, please try to remove them or create new articles that have original insights.


“Great posts.It was helpful though.If you are just reading this like me because you are a new user of AVR,be aware that google has released another algorthm called Google penguin.Please google it for further details.”

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