How to deal with download link delay for AVI download requests

How to deal with download link delay for AVI download requests

It is being reported by a couple of customers that the AVI download links are either not received or there is a delay in receiving the download link emails. These are two separate scenario so let me deal each one separately. The first issue is when the download link emails are not received at all. There could be a few reasons why this would happen. The AVI download link emails could have been flagged as Spam. Try checking the Spam or Junk folder, unflag the email and your email provider will start sending them over to your Inbox next time on. If you don't find the download link emails in your Junk or Spam folder, then it could be the email didn't reach your mailbox. This could happen when you have a very strong firewall in place from your email service provider (if you use dedicated hosting). If this is the case, then please raise a ticket to our Support Desk and we'll get your email address added to our backup mailer.

The second scenario is when you receive your download link rather late or after a few hours. One of the most common reason we've found is that customers tend to re-submit the request when they don't get the email within 10-15 minutes of submitting their AVI download request. What happens in the background is that AVR maintains a queue of download requests - new requests that are received are added to the end of the queue. The request has to move up the queue before its eventually picked by the AVI conversion engine and the actual conversion performed. The delay happens when customers tend to continue retry the download requests. This causes the requests to be added to the end of the queue eventually causing the delay. If you notice that the download links are consistently being delay, raise a Support Ticket and we'll look into the issue on a case by case basis.

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