How to Generate Traffic To Your YouTube Video Using Three Easy Steps

How to Generate Traffic To Your YouTube Video Using Three Easy Steps

Getting traffic to your YouTube video is important to make sure your video marketing delivers the buck. YouTube is a great source for targeted traffic if you manage to create the right video that delievers the content as well as gets the viewer to click the link to your website and eventually generate sales. However, there are instances when you've created a video has very less hit rates. So how do you increase the video hits? Here are some quick tips.

Use Your Own Voice

Trust me, lending your own voice to the video adds the personal touch that can certainly deliver better results. The key to promoting a product via videos is to bring across the message on how your product or services could help make things easier or better for your customers. With your own voice-over on the video, share your personal experience of how the product or service helped you. Crack a joke if possible!

If Possible, Be On the Video:

If you could spare a good quality video camera, turn it on and be onthe video yourself. It couldn't get any better to be on the video yourself. If you can do a live demo of your product or service, then don't hesitate to dedicate most part of the video to the product demo. You can be rest assured the viewers will be glued to see how your product works. If you're promoting a website, or a sofware or a web application, one could also use free online screen capture softwares like Screen Toaster, Screencast-o-Matic to instantly capture your screen and create a video out of it on the fly! Adding a few seconds of real customer experiences at the end of the video is a perfect way to wrap up a great quality video!

Email, Tweet and Digg

Once you have your video uploaded to YouTube, you can tickle the initial traffic from people who you already know. Just send out an email to your friend's list - it shouldn't take any time at all if you're the kind that saves your contacts into groups. With just a single email, you could take your YouTube video to far many people you could possibly ever reach. With email sent, you should head straight to Tweeter and Tweet your YouTube video. Not to forget adding the YouTube video to your Facebook, MySpace and your Orkut profiles. Using social networking sites to market your videos could be termed push marketing where you latest updates are pushed to your viewers rather than you have to reach out. Finally, bookmark your video using powerful bookmarking tools such as Digg, StumbleUpon, They hardly take any time but the results can be overwhelming and many times could well generate quality traffic and lots of backlinks!


“Great information. I am using my own voice. Also, the Important info to remember ... to add your videos to your Facebook, MySpace, etc. and Tweet our videos. And the other Social Medias. All of the Video exposure in time will cause a Viral effect. Thanks”

Elaine Elaine (03:45 AM)

“Great tips for video marketing.
I would suggest distributing your video to about 20 video hosting sites, bookmarking them all 20 times and submitt them each to 10 RSS feeds. This will create hundreds of quality back links to your site (good SEO), more chances of getting seen and you're videos will pop up in organic search results pages.
Happy video marketing!”

Perry Perry (14:36 PM)
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