Convert your video article into a marketing success with VideoSubmitRobot

Convert your video article into a marketing success with VideoSubmitRobot

ArticleVideoRobot is every internet marketer's must have tool not because it lets you convert your articles to videos in seconds but adds powerful SEO capabalities to your video articles with its integrated VideoSubmitRobot progam. With VideoSubmitRobot, your video articles are submitted automatically to all the popular videos (the likes of YouTube, Metacafe, Yahoo Videos, DailyMotion, etc.) there is on the internet.  VideoSubmitRobot has powerful features that can dramatically increase SEO  capabalities of your video articles making them search engine friendly. The program also has extensive tracking and reporting functions that keeps tab of all details such as the video submission status, date and time of your video submission,and  the video URLs.

Why use an automated video submission program?

You might think that you're doing good with uploading the videos yourself to YouTube and probably say Metacafe or a couple of more video sites. But should you not be focusing your time more on creating your marketing content rather spend it on uploading your video article? As an internet marketer, focus should be on marketing your products, services or whatever that you think can earn you money. If you think that doing the video submission yourself saves you money, give this a though - assume you have a video article that you want to upload to YouTube and this takes you on an average 2 minutes of your time (remember that you would have to download your video article before you could upload them and this probably would take longer than my estimated 2 minutes, but I'm being modest :) ). Assuming you want to upload this same video to say 10 other video sites, then it would be 20 minutes on an average.  Let's say you submit 10 articles a day, this would take anywhere above 3 hours of your time. On a monthly basis, that would mean you're spending close to 90 hours just submitting your video articles.  Compare this with only a few seconds require to submit each video article, you would know by now that VideoSubmitRobot would actually save you a lot of time. But that is not all. As I mentioned earlier, VideoSubmitRobot adds the all important SEO capabilitity to your video which you might not get from your manual video upload. How does this work? Read on.

DynaSubmit - the SEO magic for your video articles

DynaSubmit is a unique feature that allows you to post your video articles  to all video sites while allowing you to uniquely customize the content (video title and the description) for each site. With DynaSubmit, you post the same video article (but with a unique title/description customized for each video site) to all video sites at one click. This feature helps prevents content duplication problem in search engines where your single video can have multiple search terms/keywords associated to it.

Dynasubmit in action

For example, you could have a video article called “How to Use Twitter to Make Money”. With DynaSubmit, you can post this video article using different (but related) titles such as “Make Money Online With Twitter”, “Top Twitter Money Making Tips”,  “Online Money Making Secrets with Twitter”, etc. This way, search engines treat each instance of your video posted on different video sites as unique and your video gets associated with a variety array of search terms. So the next time someone searches for Twitter and money, you could surely bet your video would be on the top search results. Use DynaSubmit to drive huge traffic to your videos overnight. All that is required is to create keyword-rich video titles and DynaSubmit does the rest - your videos always make it to the top of the search results which even the popular SEO companies would take ages to achieve.

Tag your video articles

Tags are keywords that describe your video article. More specifically, the video sites as well as the search engines use tags to identify videos. By using the most relevant keywords to tag your video, you ensure your videos end up being searched more often and this could be a great boost to your marketing efforts. Search engines are increasingly placing more emphasis on videos posted on YouTube, Metacafe which means you are indirectly increasing the search engine marketing of your product or service.

How to use VideoSubmitRobot?

I get frequent queries to our Support Desk on how to use VideoSubmitRobot, particularly the DynaSubmit feature. We understand we have very little documentation so I'd have to do a lot of catching up in my upcoming posts to walk you through each and every step of the video submission process. I know you'll be yelling at me for this, but I'll have to save it for the next post.  But trust me it wouldn't take long.


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