The Fastest and Easiest Video Software Creator on the Web

The Fastest and Easiest Video Software Creator on the Web

There are only so many effective ways of getting your message publicized online. You can sprint from one blog or forum to another, you can write and distribute articles, you can pursue that ever-elusive website traffic, or you can make videos. If you aren't into making videos, then you're missing a key element that could give your online venture a huge boost. Video marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most effective online marketing methods of all. YouTube alone is visited by thousands of times a day by literally millions of people. You can find entertaining videos about just about every topic imaginable. And some people are using it to leverage huge amounts of profit from people searching for solutions, products, or services that they desperately need. If you can begin harnessing the power of internet article writing and video production, you are a few giant steps ahead of 95% of online sellers.

What is the most difficult and intimidating aspect of making online videos? Well, of course, you must have some relevant content that people want or need to know. But is that really so hard to find? Out of the billions of pages of raw data on the internet, it is no longer very difficult to track down enough info to put together a pretty fine and informative article or script for a video. However, here is where we hit a roadblock because very few of us look like a million bucks or can be as casual and entertaining as, perhaps, a Regis Philbin. I mean, this guy could probably talk to a crowd about the benefits of acne and keep them thoroughly entertained for up to an hour.

But most of us have not spent much time in front of a camera and we look uncomfortable, the lighting might be inadequate, we keep saying things like 'um' and 'ya know', and we forget our speech halfway through and must start over again fifteen times. No, making good quality videos is not exactly a picnic. The challenges prevent most people from reaping the rich rewards that online videos can reap.

What if I told you that it is possible to place your top articles on video in a matter of minutes. Well, ArticleVideoRobot offers a solution and they do it very well. In fact, they do it so well that you can actually turn a key article into a great video within three to five minutes. No, I'm not kidding. And the video you make will offer a choice of custom backgrounds, you can select the background music, it places your copy on-screen using sharp special effects, and you can pick one or several professional voices to read your article aloud. What's more, if you'd rather use your own voice, you can record that instead of using the actors' voices.

I hear your next objection, "Fine, but I'm not familiar with the video sites where I can post my videos." Maybe the only one you've heard of is YouTube and you're not even registered on that one. Well, don't worry. You can actually register for all the top video sites right on the ArticleVideoRobot website. Then you simply press a button, and your new video is submitted automatically to as many of them as you wish.


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