Tips to Generate Massive Traffic to Your Website Using Article Video Marketing

Tips to Generate Massive Traffic to Your Website Using Article Video Marketing

Let me give you more background on how AVR actually achieves traffic to your website. Google likes content that is regularly updated (well known fact). There are two elements that are fundamental to video marketing with AVR. These are the constants and variables.

The constants are:

a) Your website URL
b) Your primary keywords

The variables are:

a) Your video - you may have multiple videos generated for the same content, product, service or campaign
b) Your video title with subtle changes
c) Your video description that includes your "constant" website URL and "constant" keywords in "variable" description in various videos.
d) Your secondary keywords - that complement your "constant" primary keywords

Now, when you have a constant link (website URL) associated it with many videos targeted at similar keywords then search engines add more weightage to your URL. You use Dynasubmit to achieve this, i.e. post the same video to video sites, with a different title/description pair for each site. Not that the video content is the same. So let's say for example, you have a video that says "How to increase traffic using ArticleVideoRobot". You could post this to YouTube as a single video. However, what you could alter the title slightly and say "How to drive traffic using video marketing" or "Tips ans secrets to increase website ranking" and post the alerted titles to YouTube again. Now you would have 3 videos in YouTube, that would have the same URL (in the video description), a combination of constant primary keywords and variable secondary keywords (secondary keywords broaden your search scope). Now assume you post the same video to 15 videos sites, each with 3 variations, you would end up with 45 videos (15 x 3) out of a single video. With more combination of title and keywords, you could treble the scope of your video. So even if you have hundreds or thousands of videos on YouTube and other video sites that targets the same keywords that you're targeting you might easily end up with more videos that have the link to your URL than any other video that on YouTube targeting the same niche. THis completes only one half of the video marketing.

The second half of the video marketing is to promote the video URL in popular blogs, forums and social networking sites. For example, you may have someone at a forum or a blog looking for a specific information that your video might actually have the answer or was targeted for. You could reply to the forum post and send him to your video URL. You could also tag your video URL in popular bookmarking sites like Digg,, Twitter, etc. Infact, posting the URL to Twitter could itself increase the traffic to your video overnight. ArticleVideoRobot has built in support that publishes your video to bookmarking sites as well (note that no credits are charged for this).


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