Try the new "real" human-sounding voice-over of ArticleVideoRobot

Try the new "real" human-sounding voice-over of ArticleVideoRobot

We've done quite a few changes to ArticleVideoRobot in the recent times, some which are visible on the interface and some on the backend which you may have experienced during the course of usage. One of the biggest improvement is the introduction of a new voice over character called "Heather" and she sounds so damn real. If you've used our earlier voice-overs then you may think I might be joking. Not really, atleast this time round. Go ahead and give our new voice-over a shot and you'll see the differences yourself.  JUST remember to clear your browser cache though to make sure you see Heather listed in the voice-over drop down list.


“How can I make Heather the default auto generating voice when I am using the Full Article Editor, I have to keep going ion and changing it, its so annoying.”

Colin Colin (22:59 PM)

“Hi Colin,

You can do this using the New One Click Ezine Wizard option found in your Members Area. Using the "New One Click Ezine Wizard", you may customize all the settings of your video such as the voice-over, the background music, color, font color, etc, in one place and then convert go on to convert the article to video. In the first screen of the wizard, you would have to select "Customize Article Narration Settings" option which will then open the page in the wizard which will let you configure the voice-over. The following article discusses this in detail:”

Ganesh Sathyanathan Ganesh Sathyanathan (10:20 AM)

“When I used the record my voice by phone option, you hear the sound of the phone hanging up after each voiceover. Is there a way to eliminate this noise?”

Suzanne Andrews Suzanne Andrews (16:57 PM)

“Is the Customize Article Settings only apply to Ezine articles? Can I do this for a video that I want to produce that is not a Ezine article?”

Peter Scribner Peter Scribner (12:29 PM)


The Customize Article Settings applies to all articles so its not limited to EzineArticles. You may copy and paste any article into the One Click Ezine Wizard and use the Custom Article Settings”

Ganesh Sathyanathan Ganesh Sathyanathan (14:31 PM)
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