Video article marketing tip: How to use YouTube keyword tags to generate traffic to your videos

Video article marketing tip: How to use YouTube keyword tags to generate traffic to your videos

One of the many questions that we receive at support is how to make my video get listed in top search results amidst hundreds or possibly thousands of similar videos on YouTube. Getting top rankings on YouTube certainly involves a lot of work, but what we'll cover here are some smart ways to ensure that your video gets maximum visiblity in YouTube and thereby increasing the chances of improving the your website traffic.

Firstly, let me re-inforce the fact that YouTube likes fresh content, so make sure the first time you post the videos, its absolutely perfect - in terms of the right keyword combination, that the Video Title is keyword-optimized, and the Video Description has your website URL and all the right keywords properly woven with the keywords that you're targetting. Let's look at each of them in more detail.

Leverage the YouTube Tags

YouTube (and all the other video sites currently supported by ArticleVideoRobot) provide you the Tags field that could provide great results if effectively used. So let's say one creates a video about making money with Twitter, we've seen most of our customers use only four or five keywords at the maximum. For example, more often than not, it would be "How to make Money with Twitter", "Twitter Money Making tips", "Make Money Online with Twitter", "Online Money Making Tips", etc. However, when you submit tags that has spaces, most of the video sites (and that includes YouTube too) split the tags into individual keywords. So in the case of a tag such as "Make Money with Twitter", the video sites would split it into three individual keywords namely, "Make", "Money" and "Twitter". Well, this is something that you might not want though it might still work. What you might want is your video being associated with more targeted search phrases, so when someone searches YouTube for the phrase "How to make money online with Twitter", your video gets listed in the top search results. For this, we'd need to use something multi-word keyword tags. With mult-word tag, we'd be combining the keywords with an underscore (_) symbol such that  the new tag (after using multi-word keywords) would look something like "Make_Money_Twitter" which YouTube and the video sites would treat as a single tag and not break them up into separate words. To achieve best results, you would use a combination of multi-word tags along with your regular tags for every video that you submit to YouTube which means that you would use both the tags "Make Money with Twitter" and "Make_Money_Twitter" in the same video. Also, make sure you're to use descriptive multi-word tags, such "Online_Money_Making_Tips_with_Twitter" as there are chances of the tags directly matching the search phrases when compared to regular space delimited keyword tags (e.g. "make money Twitter").


The bottomline is to use a combination of multi-word and space delimited tags to ensure maximum visibility. Remember to use descriptive keyword tags as these greatly improve the chances of matching search phrases. Where possible, use a mix of popular keywords as well as niche ones so that your video is associated with all possible search patterns. When effectively used, tags can improve traffic to your videos giving the much needed impetus to your marketing.


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