Video Marketing Tip: Getting Started Guide to Create your Video Blog and generate huge traffic and backlinks

Video Marketing Tip: Getting Started Guide to Create your Video Blog and generate huge traffic and backlinks

Hey guys, hope you're doing well. This is one important post that I had wanted to do long back. As many of you have already been using ArticleReel in your website or in your blogs for quite some time now, there are so many questions from our customers which I will try to cover in this post.

What is ArticleReel?

If you're maintaining a blog of your videos yourself, you would know the mundane tasks of putting the HTML code for each and every video and tweaking them to make sure that it fit your posts. If you're that type that uses the New One Click Ezine Wizard,  which takes only seconds to create a video out of your article and thus end up creating hundreds of video articles, then it is a daunting task if you plan to put all those videos in your website or blog. ArticleReel is a real game changer. ArticleReel is your ready-to-use video blog  that is generated automatically from your ArticleVideoRobot videos. You no longer have to put the HTML code of each video, ArticleReel takes care of it. As soon as you create a new video in your ArticleVideoRobot account, a new video blog entry is created in ArticleReel.  Very quickly, here is a live demo of how an ArticleReel video blog looks like ArticleReel is a full-featured video blog equipped with interactive features such as comments, direct publishing to social bookmarking/networking sites using the Gigya widget while offering an easy to navigate gallery of your ArticleVideoRobot videos. ArticleReel video blog provides RSS feeds as well as is fully compliant with Google Sitemaps ensuring that all your updates are picked up by Google which is valuable if you are serious about SEO and search rankings.
Why ArticleReel?

Why do you do need a video blog such as ArticleReel? For one, its saves huge amount of time (if you're used to maintaining your own video blog) and makes all your ArticleVideoRobot videos organized and easy to access from anywhere. You don't have to remember the entire URL of your video article; simply open your ArticleReel site and naviagate to your desired video.  Second, ArticleReel is a full-featured video blog - blog equals content, content which is latest and thus keep your website updated and current. Video blog is a double scorer - its your interactive ArticleVideoRobot video + your content delivered as a rich interactive blog-style website. Third and the most important of all, ArticleReel is a real SEO goldmine as it could seriously generate traffic to your website and improve the   search engine rankings.

Creating your ArticleReel

To create your ArticleReel video blog, follow the steps below

  1. Login to your ArticleVideoRobot account

  2. In the Members Area, click on the ArticleReel logo  (under the New Members Bonus section) on the left panel. Alternatively, navigate to the following URL:

  3. The ArticleReel wizard starts up. It would prompt you for basic information. Complete it and click Next until you get to the page which says Your ArticleReel is getting ready!. When you reach this page, please be patient as the wizard starts creating your video blog from the videos in your ArticleVideoRobot account.  You will also notice a message that says Updating and Converting Existing Projects. Hang on till the wizard finishes. You would need to do this one time only so have a coffee break and leave the wizard to complete.

  4. Once the wizard completes converting all your video articles, your ArticleReel is pretty much ready.

Accessing your ArticleReel site

Once your ArticleReel is created, you should see a button that says Launch my ArticleReel Preview!. Clickcould also  this button to open your ArticleReel video blog. You also acccess your ArticleReel video blog anytime by simply navigating to the below URL:<your_AVR_User_ID> (e.g.) (thats mine!)

Remember to note down your  AVR user ID when you click the  Launch my ArticleReel Preview! as clicking the button actually launches your ArticleReel URL with your user ID. If you missed out to note your AVR User ID, open the URL and then click on the FAQ  that reads What is the URL for my current ArticleReel? to find out your ArticleReel URL

Uploading ArticleReel to your website

All ArticleReel websites are hosted on our servers by default, however, ArticleReel is most effective when you upload it your main website that you're targetting to increase traffic. Once you upload ArticleReel to your primary website, ArticleReel any videos that you create in your ArticleVideoRobot account is automatically updated in your ArticleReel video blog hosted on your website.  To upload ArticleReel to your website, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your ArticleVideoRobot account

  2. Once logged in, open the URL launches the Publishing via FTP window that directly FTPs the ArticleReel files to your website.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions in the Publishing via FTP window and you should be pretty much done. Remember to create the ArticleReel folder in your web server as ArticleReel does not create this automatically.

Ready, Set and Go

That is all. What next step do you do to increase backlinks and traffic to your website? Nothing. ArticleReel takes on from your here and starts working to generate traffic and backlinks to your website. If you wonder how ArticleReel does this, check out this article that discusses in detail how ArticleReel can be a great SEO tool for your website.

More to come...

ArticleReel is a big tool in itself and a single blog post is just not enough :). In my next post, I will cover how to configure ArticleReel settings, how to customize the SideBar, instances when to rebuild and/or regenerate your ArticleReel, etc. So folks, get ready and get going with ArticleReel if you already haven't checked it out.


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