Video Marketing Tips: Optimizing YouTube Videos to Improve Video Hits

Video Marketing Tips: Optimizing YouTube Videos to Improve Video Hits

Video marketing is at its peak at the moment and the interest just seems mind-blowing at the interest being generated by the viewers and the search engines alike. Video is a great way to engage users about your product or service but also provide valuable sneak-peak or product demos that can go a long way in improving the likelihood of a sale. In this short article, we take a step back and review the fundamentals of what goes into making your video marketing successful.

Myth - Shorter videos rank better

How many times have you come across video marketing sites and forums recommend that the ideal length of the video is 2 or 3 minutes. With a two-minute YouTube video, one could hardly provide the viewer any useful information. When people look for informative videos on YouTube, it is natural for a person to prefer a video that has a longer playing time as it is obvious that the video would have more information. As a YouTube user myself,  if I am looking for a video on say "Tips for effective Video Marketing", I would generally look for videos that run atleast for 5-6 minutes (many times I prefer YouTube videos that run 10 minutes) as I know I am getting a better idea on the subject than a 2-minute quick pick.

Use Pictures

In a recent study, it has been found that the video thumbnail is very critical and is a major driver behind video hit rates as viewers are more likely to click on a video whose thumbnail looks intriguing and appeal to the viewers based on the content they're searching for. So how could you make your ArticleVideoRobot videos more engaging? Use Pictures. ArticleVideoRobot provides you the option to add picture to every slide. When we say pictures, we don't only limit to images of your product, but also charts (to represent data), symbols or flow diagrams or decision trees that consume the content that is being displayed. YouTube automatically generates thumbnail of the video taken from the frame that is at the mid-point if the video, so if your video is 5mins long, then the thumbnail is the frame that is displayed at 02:30mins. ArticleVideoRobot provides the Headin with One Picture and the Heading wwith Two Picture paragraph styles.

Focus on Content, use Watermarked Backgrounds

We've seen many users drive many marketing messages into their videos thus translating to additional frames when the article is converted to video. This increases the video length sans providing any useful information. When you publish a video about your product or service in YouTube, it is understood that it is video marketing so it is recommend to focus on content than devote extra "marketing" sentences about your company on the video itself. Well, hang on, you still have quite a few unused area in the video - how do you leverage it? Use watermarked backgrounds, i.e., engloss your company or product logo on the right-hand corner of your flash video. This is very effective as the watermarked logo or tagline would constantly remind viewers about your product or service. Just in case you're looking for me, ArticleVideoRobot provides the option to show a business logo on the initial screen which should more than suffice.


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