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Educate and engage your viewers with video quizzes. Quiz videos have high engagement rates which mean good search ranking and higher CTR. They also help in increasing trust and authority of your brand.

What is a 
video quiz

But remember a good video quiz should be lighthearted and informative. The goal isn't to make viewers feel like they' re taking a test, but rather that they’re playing a game to pass the time.

(watch video tutorial)

Turn any keyword into a video quiz

Turn any 
keyword into a quiz

This is the keyword screen. Enter your main keyword for which you want to generate a video.

Let's say you run a bitcoin business, and you want to make videos to educate your viewers about Bitcoin.

You can enter the keyword “bitcoin”. Then click this 'more video options' link to see the full list of videos that you can create.

Select quiz video from the options and click Next.

Adding questions to your quiz

questions to your quiz

Now let's add some interesting questions to our quiz. The easiest way to do this is by doing a quick Google search using this link here.

I'll just copy-paste the top result from Google to create the questions for this demo.

Multiple choice (MCQ) / true-false or single answer questions

Multiple choice questions or true false

You have the choice to create multiple choice, true/false questions, and single answer questions.

To create a multiple choice question, click on the “Multiple Choice” toggle here. Then enter the choices here and type the correct answer here. For true/false questions, just leave these fields blank.

Bold relevant keywords in your quiz content

relevant quiz keywords

Our quiz content is ready! Feel free to make any edits as needed. We recommend that you must bold any important keywords inside this text by pressing Ctrl+B, to boost your youtube and google rankings.

Make your video quiz more interesting with images and videos

Adding relevant images to your quiz

One thing to note is that you can customize the quiz by adding relevant media to answers like this to make it more interesting.

Rest is same as article to video

(watch relevant portion of article video tutorial)

The rest of the process is same as making content videos. Please refer to that video tutorial for more details.

Download MP4 of video

Download MP4 of video

That's it! Your video is ready. You can now download a MP4 file of your video or use our automatic video distribution service to post this video to dozens of video and social sharing sites and start generating new leads and traffic for your business.