I cannot record voice with mic? Troubleshooter

I cannot record voice with mic? Troubleshooter

If you are unable to record a voice-over for your videos, please try these:

1. Check if you are running the latest version of Flash

Article video robot uses Flash to record your voice. So you must be running the latest version of Flash for it work. To check or upgrade your Flash, please click this link.

2. Check if your mic is working properly

Please try http://vocaroo.com/ or http://recordmp3online.com/ to see if other sites are able to record your voice properly. If you face similar problem recording audio on other sites then it means there is a problem with your audio card or mic. Please see this link for common mic related problems on Windows.

3. Check if it is not an issue with mic permissions:

When flash asked permission for mic access, did you accidently choose Deny? In case you checked Remember, it means that Mic access for Article video robot has been disabled. Please contact support if this is the case.

4. Check if Flash is detecting audio from Mic?

When you speak something in the Mic, do you see the audio level indicator detecting any audio signal? If not, it means there is some problem with your Mic.

5. Is the recording volume too low?

Click the mic settings link and increase the record volume (as shown in the above image). You can access this panel by right-clicking any flash widget on the site and selecting "Settings..." from the popup menu. You may also need to do increase the recording volume from your "Volume Mixer" or "Audio settings" panel as well. 

6. Is there too much noise in the background?

Too much background noise can cause the silence detection algorithm of Article Video Robot to stop working. Silenece is needed after each sentence to tell AVR that the person has stopped speaking (similar to an answering machine). Mic hum can also cause similar problems. Please try to reduce background noise / mic hum if the wizard is not prompting you to record the next sentence automatically.


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