Automatic Video Blog with zero configuration and maintenance.

Automatic Video Blog with zero configuration and maintenance.

Automatic Video Blog with zero configuration and maintenance.

Article Reel is a one of a kind article-video directory. It is your full featured video blog with zero configuration and maintenance.

Article Reel comes free with every Article Video Robot account and is automatically updated whenever you create new projects. All that is required is for you to choose a unique Article Reel ID from your member's area. So for example, if your Article Reel ID is "bob," your Article Reel will be available at "". Make sure to claim your favorite ID while it is available.

The purpose of Article Reel is maximum traffic for your content with no extra work at your end. Unlike traditional article directories full of ads, there are no distracting advertisements on your Article Reel. Every element of your Article Reel page is designed to generate traffic and backlinks for you.

Article Reel stands out as a complete SEO optimized video blog. When you submit an article on an article directory, your result is only displayed as text, while results from Article Reel have the video advantage, which means they have a thumbnails on their left in search results. This increases your CTR and traffic.

Video optimization ensures your pages are included in both web and video search results while traditional text-only articles miss video search traffic.

We've also incorporated traffic maximizing tools that display a message to users about to leave your website. This message can be customized from your member's area. Instead of a simple message, you can also capture leads. Unlike sites such as BounceExchange that charge a lot money for similar functionality you get this for free too.

Article Reel has a clean, user friendly design without any distracting ads. It is 100% responsive and built for all devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Article Reel is fully customizable, with more themes available soon.

Integrating your social profiles from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, can be done with a single click. Your Article Reel features social sharing icons everywhere for your readers to share your content. Recent SEO studies have demonstrated that social signals play a vital role in search engine rankings. The more people share your content, the higher your Article Reel ranks in Google Search.

Now for the most amazing feature! You can integrate your Article Reel into your custom domains without any configuration. You don't even need to buy hosting. All you have to do is add a single entry in your DNS, and your Article Reel will start working on your custom domain or subdomain almost instantly!

Other features include a fully working contact page, integrated Google search, relevant backlinks to your website, Google analytics integration, and more.

I want to reiterate that Article Reel adds no additional work for you. Your Article Reel automatically updates every time you create a new project in Article Video Robot. It's simply a new, easy way to get additional traffic and backlinks for the content you've already created!

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