Automatic video distribution software

Automatic video distribution software

Automatic upload to YouTube and other video sites

What good is a video if nobody views it?

So you have just created your first video, but how do you go about distributing it? Of course you can try submitting it manually on YouTube, Metacafe and 20 other video sharing websites using your browser. However, there is a small problem with that...

Trying to upload a 100MB video file using most ISP connections is like pushing a bowling ball through a hose pipe! It will take hours and your precious time while you watch the upload bar trickle. Additionally, in most cases after waiting patiently for a long time you get a ‘network timeout’ error which means that you will have to repeat the upload all over again. Doesn't sound like a lot of fun...

Here is our solution to this common problem...

As a special bonus, we have included our second award-winning software; Video Submit Robot (VSR) inside the AVR, which enables you distribute newly created videos to the top 17+ video websites in a few clicks!

The VSR software is not free and currently sells at $47/month to users on, but we have decided to give it to you for absolutely no cost since we want your video marketing campaign to succeed. Being able to successfully distribute videos is in fact one of the keys in doing that.

This means you you don't have to wait unending hours to upload a video to sites like YouTube, Veoh, Metacafe, Daily motion etc, because Video Submit Robot will do just that for you!

That's right, just click a button and the software will distribute your video to over 17+ video sharing sites *ALL-OUT* automatically!

You are now submitting your video to the cream of the crop video sharing websites, and Google will be attracted to it like a bee to honey. It is not uncommon to see your video in Google search results in as little as 10 minutes!

Start distributing your videos to dozens of video sites automatically!

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