Best computer generated voice narration

Best computer generated voice narration

7 natural sounding voices

If you have ever considered creating a video from an article and having a voice over done, then you must have discovered that voice over’s cost around fifty dollars per minute. Creating a voice over is not done quickly. The voice must be perfectly in sync with the graphics being shown in order for the video to look professional. It can take repeated attempts to sync these voices up and each moment can cost you another fifty dollars.

Article Video Robot software takes your written article and creates a voice over video for you. You will pay only one price for the software, which does not include the price per minute for a voice over dubbing. That means huge savings on your part.

You will also be able to choose between seven professional sounding voices in the video and you can choose either females or males voices. None of these voices will sound like they are computer generated.

You can listen to these voices in the sample videos available on the Home page and Samples.

Article Video Robot has taken special care to make sure the voices we provide for our video productions sound natural to the listener. The quality you receive will actually stun you, and having seven different selections means that your videos can be customized so they do not all sound the same.

With the Article Video Robot software, all you need to do is click on the option to choose the sound of the voice, listen to the natural sounding voices that are offered, and then select the one that sounds the best to you. The end result will be a perfectly synced video with a perfectly natural sound and high quality voice over that you can be proud of.

Because you are saving so much money by using the Article Video Robot option of voice over technology, you can afford to create more videos.

7 Natural voices to narrate your articles

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