Convert articles to videos!

Convert articles to videos!

Video marketing for article marketers!

With just a click of the mouse you can instantly transform a plain article into an animated video filled with music, animation, graphics, and voice over. Article video robot is a unique utility that takes your written words and converts them into lively videos that will capture the viewer's attention.

Article video robot takes the article you want to convert into a video and creates this for you, without any editing or screenshots on your own part. Your article will be transformed into a professional video with sound, and all you have to do is select the option to change it on your screen.

You will not need to hire a production crew to create fast paced videos that can sell you or your business. All you need is a written article and a few minutes to allow the Article video robot to do the magic for you. In just a few minutes, the article you submit will be ready for you to view as an animated, graphic filled and speaking video.

Videos get more results than written articles do. Many people have the ability to write a decent sales copy, but few possess the equipment and skills required to turn those written words into talking videos. Most of us lack the kind of budget which allows our written words to be converted into audible moving pictures.

Article video robot is giving every business, big and small, the opportunity to create professional videos with voice over at a reasonable price. You can get your message out to the public in a way that it will be more likely to capture attention, for the cost of the more traditional written article.

Let Article video robot take your business to the next level.

Double your traffic by turning your articles into videos!

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