Video player with call-to-action

Video player with call-to-action

Call to action videos with lead capture and redirection

Embed code enables you to insert your videos into blogs and websites so viewers can watch them directly. Embedding is also a great way to drive traffic to your website from niche forums and third party web pages that allow HTML code input or videos from YouTube.

Embedding is a paid feature available to power and business account users. Business users have options of adding a Call-to-action to videos for lead capture and redirection.

When you have a video playing for a possible customer and they are at the peak of their interest in what your message has to say, nothing works better than having a call-to-action button embedded in the video. Consequently, the passive viewer can turn into an active prospect.

In order to insert call-to-action buttons in strategic places in a video, you will need to know the best possible places to insert them, how to insert them, and have a software tool that will do this. The down side of this combination is that the software tool which enables you to insert the call-to-action button will cost you around $147 dollars.

The reward you will get when you turn the casual video watcher into a paying customer with a redirect traffic source is well worth the money you pay, but not everyone has the money to invest right now. With the Article Video Robot software, you are going to get this featured software at no extra cost.

Article Video Robot includes this software and will give you the power to close sales from the video player. You will be able to make a few simple choices and customize the software to match your needs. Your sales will rise and you will not have to invested anymore time, money, or effort, in getting them there.

This likely sounds too good to be true, but the fact is that Article Video Robot is offering you a complete package that will do everything you want to enhance your presence on the internet and encourage people to buy your product.

Call-to-action buttons work better than almost any other approach, because it provides an option for already interested viewers to proceed right away.


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