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Have you ever purchased a software that promised to do amazing things for you and then had trouble learning to operate the software? Have you ever been frustrated and simply uninstalled software from your computer, because you could not learn how to properly use it and the support centre experience was like talking to aliens from another planet? Automated aliens?

Well you will never have that problem with Article Video Robot. The learning centre is filled with tutorials and step by step directories so that you can use our software without a hitch. Still have some problems or questions? Then Article Video Robot will provide you with a live person to help you find the solution you need.

A live person, not an automated response. Article Video Robot provides live customer support twenty four hours per day, and seven days a week, so you can work at your convenience. If you contact customer support, they will work with you to find the solution to your problem and help you understand the answer, no matter how long it takes.

The support staffs are friendly and dedicated to helping every customer to better understand the software and how to use the features offered with the software. You will not get a cookie cutter response that the support person is reading from a pre-set screen. You will get a unique answer that addresses your concerns.

The learning tutorials can be viewed as many times as you wish and you will find that they explain everything in great detail. The tutorials do not need to have a tutorial so that you can follow them. We have all viewed some of those before. They are worded in simple to understand phrases and the visuals are clear and concise.

Get answers to all your questions by our helpful and friendly support staff. 

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