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YouTube is not just a video sharing site, but also a video search engine. Hence, optimizing videos for YouTube is as important as optimizing your website for Google.

People who get tons of views on their videos are not getting it by accident. You have to perform a very systematic optimization of your videos to rank them on YouTube (just like you do SEO for your webpages).

Come to think of it, unlike webpage’s it is impossible for Google to look inside a video to rank it for relevance. Hence the rules for Video optimization are slightly different from web page optimization.

Thankfully you don't have to worry about these internal workings of Google. We have made things very easy for you by creating a YouTube SEO wizard.

Our wizard will not only benchmark your video on YouTube against the set of rules that Google uses to rank videos on YouTube, but it will also give you concise suggestions on how to fix any video issues and improve your video ranking.

The optimization is divided into two parts: 1) most basic video optimization and 2) advanced video optimization.

The more suggestions you implement, the higher your video optimization score and the more people view your video. We also keep adding new tips and checklist items based on YouTube updates and new research.

A video optimization score of 50% means you have successfully done the basic video optimization. To rank your videos on YouTube, this is the minimum viable video optimization score that you need to have.

But we highly recommend that your videos must have at least a 75% video optimization score to enable it stand a good chance of getting on the first page of YouTube for relevant keywords. 

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