Video intros by real actors

Video intros by real actors

Video intros by real actors to increase engagement

Why do people put their photos on a sales copy? It is because they want to make it more personal, as it increases trust and engagement. This works great for videos too!

Research has been thoroughly done as to what makes a marketing video more appealing to the target audience. One thing that repeatedly gets mentioned is the human intro to the video. People still respond better to a video that has a human being shown in the introduction or a human being doing the final portion of the video.

Article Video Robot Has taken the time to develop several intros and outros that will increase the chances that the targeted audience will be more inclined to watch the entire video and give it more consideration. The human introduction causes the viewers to relate to the product and what is being said.

Furthermore, Article Video Robot has created several different introductions so you can select one that fits the voice you chose, and the video content you have, as well as the targeted audience. Remember that some audiences will respond more favourably to a male voice and some to a female voice. You will also find that some people respond more to younger sounding voices and some to older sounding voices.

You will have the option to choose the voice and the intro that you think will appeal the most to your target audience. If you need to redo the video after it is completed because it just does not meet your standards, you will have that option.

Remember that creation only takes a few minutes and you get to customize and control all the features your audience see. Article Video Robot wants you to create a video that you are proud to have your name associated with. We have worked hard to make sure that the finished product will be polished and professional with all the qualities that make customers watch longer and buy more.

Marketing videos with real actors. You will be amazed!

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