Record voice-overs with your phone

Record voice-overs with your phone

Record voice-overs with your phone

With Article Video Robot, you get to choose from seven natural sounding voices to create amazing voice over’s for your videos. You are bound to like these voices and the way they sound, but you may also wish to create your own voice over’s using your own voice. You can do that. You can customize this software to fit your needs.

Article Video Robot has been designed to help you create the video products you want, not to make you accept only the ones on offer. You can do a voice over from your cell phone. This is handy for people who do not have a microphone to make their recorded voice-over with.

A number is provided which you can call do the voice-over by following the simple instructions you are given. There is nothing hard to remember, no equipment to buy, and no difficult instructions to follow.

When you call the number, you will be prompted to speak and it will be recorded. The voice-over will be added to your video automatically and it will be correctly synced with the images, so you do not look like you filmed in America and dubbed the voice in Japanese.

Creating a professional marketing video is a lot of work and it has to be done several times in a month so that you can stay on top with the search engines. Having the ability to choose from so many different customer options like the ones Article Video Robot offers, makes it possible to create new and fresh marketing videos easily.

Your videos will not become tiresome to the customer’s and you will not start to dread having to try and create something new and interesting. You will look forward to the challenge because Article Video Robot makes the creation a fun activity instead of a job.

Record custom voice-overs with your phone

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