How to Get Free Leads and Traffic from YouTube?

Tip #1: "Use the YouTube keyword research tool!"

Did you know that YouTube has its own keyword research tool? No, it's not Adword keywords which we use to find niches, it's something which YouTube has built specifically for videos because people use different terms when searching for videos than when searching the web.

For example, if someone is searching for "cake" on Google, it will show you the shops in your area or places you can order a cake - but when you search for "cake" on YouTube it will show you recipes on how to bake your own cake.

Ask yourself before uploading your video, how much time did you spend on keyword research? It is probably the most important and most overlooked thing when it comes to video marketing.

Never forget that a video that doesn't show up in search results, no matter how good it may be, isn't very useful. So remember to thoroughly research your keywords!

Tip #2: "Don't tell too little or too much!"

Article Video Robot videos work great when they are short and simple. You need just enough good content to hook in a prospect but don't tell it all! When you tell too little, people lose interest and feel somewhat cheated. On the other hand if you try to tell them everything, then they won't click your link in your video's description and you won't get any traffic to your website.

Never forget that the whole point of creating videos is to generate free leads and traffic. You want to pique their interest just enough so that they are interested in learning more, which encourages them to click that link to your website in the description.

Tip #3: "Create an interesting title for your video"

Your video needs to stand out in the YouTube search results. Take a look at the most popular, most viewed video in your niche and you will always find that the highest ranked videos have the most interesting and relevant titles. Your video title is as important as the headline of a sales page.

Here are some ways to create interesting video titles:

  1. [3/5/7] [Easy/Effective/Amazing/ Remarkable/Quick] Ways to [get a desired result]
    • Eg. 3 easy ways to generate free leads and traffic
  2. How to [get a desired result] Without [specific problem]
    • Eg. How to create a video without learning any video editing
  3. The Secret of [getting desired results] - Using Only [specific solution]
    • Eg. The secret of getting free traffic using only your mouse
  4. Need [desired result]? Try This [specific solution]
    • Need free leads and traffic? Try this amazing new software..
  5. [1/2/3/4/5] Quick and Easy Ways to [desired result]
    • 3 quick and easy ways to get free leads and traffic

These are just a few examples I could spot during my video research but the best strategy is to look at the top videos of your niche and reverse engineer the results. If you guys want I can make a bigger more complete list for you too :)

Tip #4: "Use custom thumbnail for your video"

Apart from your title, the other thing that a person gets to see in the search results is your video thumbnail. Do you know how YouTube generates the thumbnail for your video? Many people don't know this but your thumbnail is generated using the frame which is exactly in the middle of your video, so if your video is 4 minutes long, the thumbnail would be the frame at 02:00.

This is the reason why people insert attractive photos in the middle of their videos to get the best looking thumbnails. Thankfully you don't need to resort to such extreme measures. If your account is somewhat old and it is in good standing, YouTube will give you the option to upload a customized thumbnail for your videos. Just make sure that it is relevant otherwise this privilege might be taken away from you.

But believe me a good thumbnail can mean the difference between 10 views and 1 million views.

Tip #5: "Add a call to action with your link in first two lines of description"

The Video description is where you earn your money. Right now it is the only way to get the viewer to your website. The first thing to remember about video description is that it is only 2 lines long, at least for your purpose. I say this because while you can write a whole 500 word article inside the description box, only the first 2 lines are visible to the viewer by default. You will be losing 99% of the viewers if your link is hidden inside the description box.

So your first two lines are your most important real-estate which must be hand customized and must contain a call to action phrase with a URL linking to your site. So first line should be the call to action, the reason why a person should click your link, followed by your link.


  1. "Oh and one more thing you should know - [link]"
  2. "But here is the best part I didn't cover - [link]"
  3. "If you liked this, you will love reading this - [link]"
  4. "Here is the 5th and most important tip - [link]"
  5. "Read more about personal experience with [X] - [link]"
  6. "Read my important update to this video here: [link]"

Tip #6: "Video Search Engine Optimization or Video SEO"

YouTube is not just a video sharing site, but also a video search engine. Optimizing videos for YouTube is just like optimizing your website for Google. Just like you have to optimize the title, content of your webpages, you have to optimize title, and description of your videos. Thankfully you don't have to worry about these internal workings of Google or YouTube. We have made things very easy for you by creating a YouTube SEO wizard.

This new tool will benchmark your YouTube videos using 35 different Search Engine Ranking tests and give you concise and powerful suggestions to help you get your video on top of YouTube and Google search results very quickly.

This is a very cool new way to boost your traffic and rankings from YouTube.

Hope using these tips you will get even more targeted traffic and leads from Youtube.

If you found my tips useful, please leave a comment down below. How has your experience been with Video marketing so far? What is your #1 tip for marketing on youtube?


“Good article, love the tip about keyword research youtube. I always knew it was possible to search for keywords on Google but I didn't know about the built-in youtube search.. you haven't mention the URL though, would be great to add it to the article. Regardless, very cool info, I'm trying it now.”

Brian Hayes Brian Hayes (01:38 AM)

“Nice tips, some of my articles have been doing quite well. One more tip regarding from my side is that you should try to put the keywords from the most viewed videos into your own title. This has worked really well for me!”

Brenda Williams Brenda Williams (01:38 AM)

“useful tips! Thanks.”

Jeff Miller Jeff Miller (01:38 AM)

“@brian: thanks for your comment, the url is here:,

@brenda: that's a really useful tip. Thanks for sharing!”

San Kumar San Kumar (01:38 AM)

“san, good to see you again. You still haven't posted anything about my question though ;)”

Larry Lubbers Larry Lubbers (01:38 AM)

“Right now my videos are being automatically uploaded by article video robot. So how do I got about using these tips?”

Otis Rogers Otis Rogers (01:38 AM)

“I do not see the option to set a custom thumbnial for my videos like you have shown in your video? am i missing something??”

Garry Garry (01:38 AM)

“first of all thanks everyone for the comments.
@larry: good to see you too. I'm emailing you the answer ;)
@otis: These are more general video marketing tips so you would have to make the changes from inside your youtube account. But the good news is that soon we will be bringing out a major update to AVR which will make most of this fully automatic. Stay tuned! :)
@garry: your account must be Phone verified to see this option. Here is a guide on how to do it:”

San Kumar San Kumar (01:38 AM)

“Been learning a lot about that lately. this article is a plus for me.

Ian Curt Gordon Ian Curt Gordon (09:19 AM)

“Wow, I'm sending this to my Facebook group hope you don't mind. This is a great video, not just for searching keywords, but I think it's like having your own youtube spy to spy on you compition. This is awesome thanx San so much for sharing... ”

Daryl Daryl (09:57 AM)

“Great article and very very helpful. Thank you! ”

Diane, Personal Trainer NYC Diane, Personal Trainer NYC (10:00 AM)

“Thanks for sharing, I've been making videos for youtube marketing and found this article helpful. Thanks for the simple yet useful tips.”

Emman Emman (11:13 AM)

“@Daryl: Thanks for your comment. I am glad that you find this post helpful. Please feel free to go ahead with it.”

San Kumar San Kumar (11:23 AM)

“Been learning a lot about that lately. this article is a plus for me.

Ian Curt Gordon Ian Curt Gordon (10:48 AM)

“I liked the videos and i'm hoping you will actually improve article video robot -because the output is really bad at the moment. They look like poor quality powerpoint presentations.”

Erin Erin (11:39 AM)

“thanks everyone for your comments and emails.. the response to this article has been quite overwhelming. i'm so happy that it has helped so many of you. @erin: regarding your comment about video quality it's generally when it is fully text based. But i just want to add that we have invested last 6 months and nearly half a million dollars on upgrading the video output and the result we have seen have been nothing but phenomenal. i still cannot believe what our team has been able to achieve so far. Just stay tuned, you're soon going to be looking at avr videos which you cannot even imagine :)”

San Kumar San Kumar (00:30 AM)

“very informative article.. but i can't see the option to set custom thumbnial?”

Barbara McClean Barbara McClean (00:36 AM)

“@Barbara: thanks. you need to phone verify your account to get that option. also your account must be in good standing. please see this url for more information:

P.S. One more thing I forgot to mention in the article is that YouTube only includes first 2 lines of your description in the search results also (these are the lines that are visible by default). So even if you have keywords in your description it will not matter in the YouTube search results (unless they are in the first two lines).”

San Kumar San Kumar (00:37 AM)

“Simple but deadly effective tips... that most people override!

Uploading something right now based on these tips :-)

Courteously -- S. Kumar”

S. Kumar S. Kumar (02:10 AM)

“@S. Kumar: so good to hear from you! i will be in touch with you shortly with some very big news ;) ”

San Kumar San Kumar (04:48 AM)

“Simple but deadly effective tips... that most people override!

Uploading something right now based on these tips :-)

Courteously -- S. Kumar”

S. Kumar S. Kumar (14:46 PM)

“Wow, your video tips are awesome. I'm a relative newbie to Youtube, and you have really given me so much ammunition. Thanks so much! I have one question: In regards to the "arrow" pointing to the description, is this something I can do? Is there a tool to do this? Again, thanks so much for your help.

Jack Kuhnemund Jack Kuhnemund (12:25 PM)

“Awesome! Its truly amazing article, I have got much clear
idea about from this article.”

Home Business Tips Home Business Tips (12:07 PM)

“Hi - when will the new AVR be up ??”

erin erin (16:40 PM)

“Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Thanks, However I am having issues with your RSS.
I don't know why I am unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone else getting similar RSS problems? Anybody who knows the solution can you kindly respond? Thanx!!”

vindale research vindale research (16:17 PM)

“Very useful info and post with excellent presenttion”

Mercutio Peters Mercutio Peters (04:23 AM)

“Thanks for the tips - another thing you can do is find the top ranked video on Youtube for your niche and use the same or very similar title. This will frequently get you ranked next to them.”

David K. Enders, D.C. David K. Enders, D.C. (12:18 PM)

“Many thanks for very usefull tips!”

Lyudmila Lyudmila (10:16 AM)


This tool is absolutely remarkable! Thank you for the great tip too.”

Valerie Barrett Valerie Barrett (18:28 PM)

“Amazing Tips, I will definitely put them to good use!”

Mile High Kenny Mile High Kenny (05:22 AM)

“Very goods lessons. Thank. ”

noufou noufou (12:46 PM)

“WOW! Thanks for these training videos you shared with us. I'm getting more into video marketing as time goes on and your videos are a BIG help.”

Mike Mike (10:42 AM)

“Great article! YouTube and videos play more and more important role in online presence and marketing of a business. It is important to put some research into the type of videos and keywords you want to post.”

Izabela Izabela (15:43 PM)

“thank you for good tips , and creating wonderful tool”

paul paul (00:33 AM)

“Great info. Re #1 tip, the Youtube keyword tool has been gone since Sept. 2014.
Have to use Display Planner's AdWords video keyword suggestions which requires an Adwords account. It's different.”

Sharon Sharon (15:01 PM)


Great articles, I'm new to youtube marketing, and need to know more about youtube video seo, would you please send me more links to such info on your website?

Many thanks

enwanak enwanak (17:18 PM)

“I just signed in for access to your video and have actually not tested it. Nonetheless, from the testimonials I have read so far, the software is a game changer when it comes to video marketing and advertising.
Thanks ”

George George (08:41 AM)
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