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1) Easy Voice Recorder (EVR) - Add real human voice to your video in 2 mins!

We use the industry's best computer generated voices to narrate your videos but admittedly they can't replace an actual human voice. Unfortunately, recording a voice-over using traditional software can be a tedious task, especially the part where you have to sync the voice with the video.

sync audio and video

So after a lot of brainstorming, user feedback and long development we created a new voice-recording tool called the Easy Voice Recorder. 

What's wrong with Windows Sound Recorder or Camtasia?

sync audio and video

When you use a sound recording program like Windows Sound Recorder, you have to record the audio separetly from the video and then later on sync the audio and video by hand. This can be extremely boring and time consuming to say the least.

The other method is to load the video in a seperate window and try to record the audio while the video is playing. This too can be exteremely difficult and error prone.

sync audio and video

And finally, recording a long voice-over in one sitting is quite difficult as you are prone to make mistakes by mis-pronouncing words, losing sync, etc which can be very difficult to fix without recording the entire script again.

So how does Easy Voice Recorder makes voice recording easy?

Easy Voice Recorder makes recording your voice very easy for you because first of all there is no need to sync the audio and video by hand. EVR does this automatically for you because it knows the text which is being spoken by you.

sync audio and video

Secondly, EVR breaks up your entire video into small bite size pieces and prompts you to speak each line. What this means to you is that you don't have to speak the entire voice-over in on go. Not only does this reduce the chances of error, but this way even if there is an error in speaking a word, you don't have to record the entire script again (just the last line). 

Finally, if you don't have a microphone hooked up to your computer you can still record your voice using your voice. Just call the number on your screen and start recording!

Easy Voice Recorder Video


2) Create videos that bring you free traffic and leads

Article Video Robot makes is easy for you to create a lot of videos quickly because video marketing is a numbers game. The more videos you create, the more keywords you can target, and the wider is your reach. 

But there are many other tools in the market that let you create videos in bulk too. The most common software being Microsoft Powerpoint using which you can create Slideshow videos to promote your products.

So what sets Article Video Robot (AVR) apart?

Article Video Robot can automatically analyze any article and create the video script for you by breaking it into frames and items. It is even intelligent enough to understand and disable filler lines that don't look good in videos. With any other software creating the content for your video becomes the most difficult part and most people get stuck at it.

Secondly, AVR not only generates highly engaging and informative videos but we never forget that our aim is to always get you more traffic and leads.

We do this by:

  • We have created dozens of video intros done by professional actors that we insert at the start of your video to make the viewer feel that a real human being has created your video and he/she is also the narrator.
  • We use video templates like the Whiteboard animation, Search Theme and dozens of other themes to make your videos look professional and stylish thereby increasing viewer engagement.
  • At the end of your video, we insert another video done by an actor which urges the viewer to "click the link in description". This is a very effective way to redirect the viewers from YouTube to your site.
  • With new features like Video in Video, you can insert related YouTube videos inside your video to make your videos highly interactive and engaging. It also gives the feel that a lot of research has went into creating the video.
  • Bonus tools like Easy Voice Recorder so that you can add your own voice in minutes without worrying about syncing, recording setup, etc.
  • Bonus tool Video Submit Robot that distributes your video to dozen of video sharing sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Facebook, etc so which incidentally also makes it easy for your video to make it into the Google search results.
  • Bonus tool Social Submit Robot builds second tier links to your videos from 50 social and bookmarking sites like Reddit, AOL, Delicious, etc so that your videos start ranking instantly!
  • Other bonuses like YouTube Optimization Wizard to rank your videos on top of search results.

 Just take a look at this sample:







Barbara H. McClean Barbara H. McClean (07:55 AM)

“very happy see this feature.. i can't wait to use it inside my own video..

But your giveaway page is not working.. is it sold out already?”

Otis Roberts Otis Roberts (08:14 AM)

“this is just amazing! I remember I requested this feature when I joined your site. Thanks for listening to my suggestion!

By the way, is there a way to add my own YouTube videos?”

Brenda Williams Brenda Williams (08:15 AM)

Thanks so much for your comments.
@Otis: no we still a few accounts remaining. Can you try refreshing the page (contact me if it still doesn't work for you for some reason)
@Brenda: yes you can do that very easily. Just seach for the youtube video id in the video search (it is the part after the "v=" in your youtube url)

Article Video Robot Support.”

Ganesh Sathyanathan Ganesh Sathyanathan (08:17 AM)

“wow the sample video looks great! so does that mean we use both images and videos inside our video?”

Robin L. Levesque Robin L. Levesque (08:21 AM)


very nice.. impressive stuff.. anyway i'm a power account user and i would really upgrade to a business account using the above offer.. is that possible?


Garry Garry (08:24 AM)

“i too would like to take your offer but i don't have a paypal account.. is there an alternate way of payment? i don't see any on the offer page??”

Leslie Lopez Leslie Lopez (08:26 AM)

“thanks for the nice comments :)

@Robin: yes you can use both videos and images.. if you look carefully we have done that in our sample video as well :)
@Garry: yes, that is possible.. you can make your order and then contact our support desk.. we will refund your current month's payment (for the power account)
@Leslie: yes, that is possible.. we can accept credit card payments also. Ganesh will be sending a link for that to your regd. email.


San Kumar San Kumar (08:29 AM)

“looks good! this feature was worth waiting for.. one question, can i use videos recorded from my cell phone? how is that possible?”

Jeff Miller Jeff Miller (08:31 AM)

“@jeff: thanks so much.. yes you can do that. first you will have to transfer your cell phone videos to your computer. then you can use the upload tab to upload them to AVR.. but I would recommend that you keep the videos short for best results!”

San Kumar San Kumar (08:32 AM)

“this is really cool.. ”

Brian Hayes Brian Hayes (08:36 AM)

“Kinda weird though...voice sounds robotic, yet it is in sync with the model at the beginning. Is the voice robotic?”

Anthony Hendriks Anthony Hendriks (10:18 AM)

“I'm in the process of building this site, know I need video, but haven't built a decent video so far!”

Anne Anne (13:14 PM)

“It's an excellent feature. This addition will create some awesome videos! very professionally done. Thanks!


Tony Tony (13:38 PM)

“This is easy to use and creating videos in this system is fast too. I'm liking video robot, video(s) in a video. :)”

Mike Savage Jr. Mike Savage Jr. (14:52 PM)
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