How to make an appealing article video?

Here are some tips to create a more engaging video from your article.

Even though your content is same, the one little difference when it comes to creating videos is that you have to be as succinct and to-the-point as possible. While flowery language, and fluff talk are okay in articles, with videos it is boring.

You want to get your viewer’s attention and hold it.

The rule of the thumb here is to make sure that no item of your video is longer than 14 words (or 100 characters). Long text items are boring and distracting. You don’t want your viewers looking at a wall of text anytime during your a video.

Also it is a good idea not to have more than 7 frames in a video. Once the viewer is hooked, your aim is to make them click your link and get them to your website. Viewers have a very short attention span, like 2-3 minutes… If you don’t make them take action within that time frame they will probably leave.

You also don’t want to tell them everything on YouTube. You want them to visit your website for the juicy part. The whole reason you created this video was to get viewers back to your website. Never forget that.

So to sum it up you want a good informational video which is short and sweet and will make the viewer want to take action, i.e. click your website link in the description.

A good image can be a great hook and can speak volumes.

Next thing is that adding images to a video can drastically improve the video quality and increase viewer engagement. A good image can be a great hook and can speak volumes.

When looking for images you want to use attractive, eye-catching images. They should be relevant so that even if the viewer is not paying full attention, the image should convey the message.

Next thing is that you can customize the audio and make it slightly different from the text. So as stated above, we want our written text to be as short as possible. But the audio can be a little longer. Also slight difference in audio and text makes the viewer more attentive to both read and listen. So let’s change the audio of this item.

When a real person urges the viewer to click your link, they are more receptive.

Next thing is giving your video a human face. To make your videos look more exciting we have hired dozens of actors to create intro / outro videos. This way a real human being will introduce your video and then request the viewer later to click on your link.

This is important for many reasons. First of all the viewer will imagine this actor to be the narrator of your video. Secondly, it makes the video more personal and interactive. And lastly when a real person urges the viewer to click your link, they are more receptive.

You can also upload your own custom intro / outro videos, to create an even more 1-to-1 connection with your viewers.

One more thing. Your video title in the first screen is very important. You want to use questions or attention grabbing titles. Think of it as a headline of your salescopy. Titles like “Avoid these 5 mistakes”, “Don’t do this unless..”, “My personal experience with..” will get you more traffic.

Your title is also going to be in the YouTube search results, which makes it even more important. Please check out our blog for more details and list of title ideas.

Once your video is published you will have access to the YouTube SEO wizard bonus tool. This tool has a checklist of 30+ items against which your video will be benchmarked. It will even tell you what to fix and improve to help you get better ranking on YouTube. So, make sure to give it a try!


“Thanks! great article.. i feel that keeping the video under 8 frames can really work wonders for the video quality!”

san kumar san kumar (06:27 AM)

“Thanks for the advice but you must realise that at the outset I would not have been prepared for the 'tweakings' that you recommend. No guidelines were initially provided for the number of characters in the several frames of my format, nor did I sit down with access to my photos on the computer.”

lloyd s. gordon lloyd s. gordon (21:09 PM)

“@lloyd: You will find relevant visual indicators in wizard to indicate these design ideas. These guidelines are meant to provide you an idea that what you can do to help your videos appear more professional.

As you can edit these videos as many times as you want, you can always make these changes and republish your video.”

Navneet Rai Navneet Rai (07:01 AM)
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