Increase organic traffic to your YouTube videos

This week I will be explaining a simple trick that video marketers have been using to increase organic traffic to their videos.

As always, I will be skipping any fluff talk and will get right down to the method but first let me give you a brief explanation as to why this method is so effective.

How does Google determine relevance of webpages?

You will agree that one of the most crucial things for ranking a web-page is to have the proper keywords in title and content. Fortunately for Google, and other search engines, reading text is easy therefore scanning a webpage for keywords is also relatively simple.

But how does Google determine relevance of videos?

Videos, however, do not contain any text and therefore cannot be read like webpages. So for videos, Google relies on alternate methods to determine the content of your video in order to ascertain its relevance to searches.

Google's algorithm now has the ability to decipher, and transcribe, your videos into text automatically. Google search has even introduced a new option which will "Start playing your video at search term" (see image below)

Automatic transcription
Google's new search feature

Google's transcriber isn't perfect

Unfortunately, the Google's video transcriber service is still far from perfect and does get a great number of words wrong. In fact, whole websites have been created illustrating these inaccurate captions in case you need a few laughs, but I digress.

Automatic transcription
Automatically generated captions are often wrong

So coming back to our main topic, what does all this mean for you and how can you use this to your advantage in order to get more organic traffic to your videos?

The answer is easy! Instead of allowing Google to do the transcriptions for you (which are far from perfect and will probably miss out some of your keywords), you can create and upload the captions yourself.

Adding your own transcriptions will instantly improve your videos' chances of being seen by those who search for these keywords.

I have already covered how important it is to have keywords in titles and descriptions for instant YouTube and Google search rankings but since every marketer has this knowledge by now, uploading a proper transcription will give you the extra edge necessary to beat the competition.

Hand uploaded transcriptions will also indicate to Google that you are going the extra mile to make the video more user friendly as well as accessible (for deaf people), which will win you even more ranking points over other videos.

But you're probably thinking… "I get what you're saying but creating video transcriptions is tedious and boring!"

We created Article Video Robot (AVR) because we wanted to make video marketing extremely easy. People who don't know the "A" of video marketing have been creating videos with AVR in under 2 minutes.

So why should making video transcriptions be any harder for you?

With our auto-video-transcribe feature you won’t have to go through the tedious process of creating the captions by hand. Article Video Robot can generate a 100% accurate .srt file for you to attach with your videos.

Here is the step-by-step method to do this:

  1. Go the projects page and click on any video that you've created.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click the arrow in front of the Download video button to open the drop-down menu
  3. Click the Download subtitle file for YouTube link to download subtitles file to your hard disk
  4. Open YouTube and upload this subtitle file to your video. That's it!

Here is a demo video (01:27) showing the same process.

Note: The automatic video transcription feature is available in Business accounts only.

If you don’t have an Article Video Robot business account, there is no need to worry. I have some major news for you! :)


“yet another amazing post.. thanks so much for sharing!”

Otis Roberts Otis Roberts (08:31 AM)

“this new feature is killer.. i have a power account, is there any way for me to use the automatic subtitle maker?”

Brian Hayes Brian Hayes (09:22 AM)

“that youtube meme site is too funny.. good find! ;)”

Larry Lubbers Larry Lubbers (09:53 AM)

“common only 20 accounts? it's halloween! great info btw.. ”

Barbara H. McClean Barbara H. McClean (11:14 AM)

“thanks everyone for your comments :) your suggestions are appreciated too!

@Brian: unfortunately this feature is not available in power accounts.. you can get a business account during the 12 hour halloween sale and we will refund you this month's payment (as a special case because you're such an old member of our site).

@Larry: yeah.. that site is funny.. I kinda wasted more than half-an-hour on it myself :)

@Barbara: 20 accounts is fair :) considering each one is worth almost $1500 if you purchase it directly!”

San Kumar San Kumar (12:18 PM)

“20 is not enough - we want more!”

Martyn Lenthall Martyn Lenthall (15:00 PM)
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