How can I make the best video for my articles?

How can I make the best video for my articles?

All your videos are rated on the basis of the best practices for creating a good article video. This score is constantly displayed on the top of your video and is automatically updated based on your input. 

You can click on it anytime to read a detailed report of how this score is calculated.

You will also find "learn more" link beside several items, which can help you find out why these factors are important. You can also access this score from the projects page in your Member's area.

We highly recommend that your videos should have a score of at least 75. 


“WOW, I am blown away by this. Can't wait to move some of my hundreds of articles to video. Thanks for your good work, Judy Helm Wright aka "Auntie Artichoke"”

Judy Helm Wright Judy Helm Wright (14:25 PM)
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