How does AVR decide the format of my article video?

How does AVR decide the format of my article video?

A properly formatted article body makes it easy for Article Video Robot to analyze your text and break it into relevant frames and items resulting in better output videos.
If you want to define your own article boundaries you can mark it by inserting two [ENTER] keys between two lines like this: 
This tells our wizard that you want to break a particular frame here.
Apart from this AVR takes into account various factors like length of each frame, item in each frames, etc. to decide the best possible format for your video.


“Ganesh hi,
I thought it would be simple BUT
a) I Have sort of divided my artiice into a number of limited word sentences with each frame representing each sentence, however the system does'nt recognise this and keeps telling me to divide my article up?
b) I want to put some images on 3 frames but though I copied the complete article, including
images from MSWord to the article page on AVP the images did not show?
I'm net very technical and at this moment I'm unable to move forward,helpppppp

Laurence Chilcott Laurence Chilcott (00:04 AM)

“Hi Laurence,

Is it possible you could raise this as a support ticket? As for the information regarding splitting frames, if you could let me the project (by raising a support ticket), I can have it checked.

Did you upload the images manually into each of the slide? Note that AVR may not detect a straight copy paste from Word if you copy the images the paste it into AVR. If that's the case, then you'd have to manually save the images and upload it to the individual sites.

Ganesh S
ArticleVideoRobot Support”

Ganesh S Ganesh S (03:17 AM)

This is exactly what I have done
1) Created a number of Paragraphs consisting of 14 to 20 words each on MSWord
2) On MSword 3 of the paragraphs have been replaced by book cover titles
3) I have left gaps between each of these paragraphs because they represent seperate FRAMES
4) I have copied this series of paragraphs from MSWord and pasted them on to my AVP theme page
5) I have then filled in all the fields on that first page of my AVP setup
6) I have then clicked submit and get nothing- no response
7) the slider shows 4 out of 100 and page 2 of 6
*) but I do not get to the next page as shown in the manual??
Clearly there are 6 steps before being able to publish, unfortunately I cannot get to even the next step??
There must be something wrong with the software?-please advise,as I've spent hours trying to complete
the prccess and i'm in despair
Laurence Chilcott”

Laurence Chilcott Laurence Chilcott (18:27 PM)

“Hi Laurence,

Thank you for the detailed reply. As Navneet had contacted you via email, this is being looked at through the regular support process.

Thank you,

Ganesh Sathyanathan Ganesh Sathyanathan (12:49 PM)

“I am bring in WordPress articles, but it's still not defining the paragraphs, etc, correctly. I've over 3000 articles to push up, in the near future. Example:”

Alexander Lau Alexander Lau (12:51 PM)

“Hi Alexander

This is being looked at. I shall keep you posted via the Support Ticket that you have raised for this issue.”

Ganesh Sathyanathan Ganesh Sathyanathan (06:16 AM)
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