What are call-to-action intro/outro videos?

What are call-to-action intro/outro videos?

Call-to-action Intro/Outro videos are probably the biggest differentiating feature for your video in the recent times. To give your videos a human face we have hired dozen of artists to record a custom call-to-action voice-overs for your videos which are automatically added at the start and end of your video. You can think of it as a human call-to-action for your video.

To add a call-to-action into and outro video to your project just select the "Use intro/outro videos" option from the Video Customization screen. This will bring up a popup with ready-made intro and outro videos for your movie.

You can click the preview button at the bottom of each video to check it out before selecting it for your movie.

Once you finalize your intro and outro video you can click the "Use selected videos" button.


You can also upload your own call-to-action message as your intro and outro videos from the second tab as well.

This feature can really make a lot of difference to your video as it will make your video more interactive and give a personal touch to your video. This is really important for viewer engagement.

Please note that you can click again in a selected video to de-select it.


“Whenever I upload an outro video, it's not responding, or I'm not showing any sign that's uploading outro videos from my computer”

Morgan Morgan (09:58 AM)

“This is a great feature. Thanks!
However, when I select an Intro voice over, the intro video overlaps with the 1st part of my video. That is, the intro voice over talks at the same time as the start of the video.
The actual video should not start to play until the intro clip is completed.
I would appreciate your help in resolving this.


Tony Tony (22:14 PM)

“You guys gotta make the site easier to navigate!! Its exasperating to deal with it when things are NOT easy to get to or can't be found.

Example. On the L side of the screen, the dashboard menu should be visible at ALL TIMES so we don't have to waste time skipping around trying to find something that should be easy to find in a glance. I was searching for volume controls for the video background music because (if you hadn't noticed) in nearly every sample video the music is waaaaaaay too high and almost drowns out the voices every time. When recording my video I should be able to adjust the volume during the creation process with a simple slide control before rendering the entire project. And as per your instructions on the site, to (I assume) record the background several times at different levels (as a substitute for a volume control is unacceptable. The knowledge base tells me to use the video customization tab which I was NEVER able to find even after searching for 30 minutes! Why isn't there a link from the screen shot in the Knowledge Base directly to the video that solves the problem? Plus the screen shot description didn't even tell me where the customization tab was located and I never found it. I couldn't believe there wasn't even a HOME tab to quickly take you back to the beginning if you need to start all over again if need be instead I have to use the BACK button to scroll back through every page I've been through to navigate abound. THIS IS A HUUUUUUUUGE time waster. Again, It would be nice if you guys just put links in the Q&A directly to the appropriate video. Come on guys. You can do better than this... JD”

JD Houston JD Houston (15:12 PM)

“I think you should some how set up intro/outro images similar as you do for images in the video lists--when you process a lot of videos-pretty soon all your first pages of videos start to look alike-I love this program and that is the only negative thing I have ever found-I believe people really look for something different and not the same pics all the time=Thanks Dean ”

Dean Greenstreet Dean Greenstreet (11:32 AM)
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