Why it is a Good Idea to Create a FaceBook Page for Your YouTube Video?

Why it is a Good Idea to Create a FaceBook Page for Your YouTube Video?

FaceBook is one of the number one social media websites. Millions of people have accounts on this website and millions of people visit the website daily, some of them visit it several times each day. If you want the word about your YouTube video to reach millions of people in a hurry then you want to create a FaceBook page for it.

When you have a FaceBook page for your YouTube video you can link the video to the page. The first thing this does is cause the search engines to see an established back link. The search engines see links like these being signs of popularity and they increase your number in their rankings. Meaning they suggest your video before other videos of relevant content.

The second thing that the FaceBook page does for you is get your name out to where the people are. People are on FaceBook talking with their friends, playing games, and simply browsing. If you get your friends on FaceBook to suggest to their friends that they should go like your FaceBook page for your YouTube video then you will create heavy traffic to this page.

Nine out of ten people who go and like your FaceBook page will follow the link to the video and see what the video is all about. If they like the content then they are going to go back to their pages and suggest it to their friends. This is going to continue to happen until the next thing you know your video will have gone viral.

If the people do not like the content of your video some of them will just leave and never say a word, but over half of them will still return to their FaceBook pages and tell their friends about what they saw. They will tell them they did not like it and why they did not like it. Their friends will likely go to view your video so they can see if they agree with the opinion of their friend. This can cause thousands of people to go to your video to see if they hate it as much as their friend said they did. It is the snow ball effect.

When a snow ball starts out on top of a mountain it is small. As the ball rolls down the hill it gathers more snow which causes the ball to grow larger. The farther it rolls the larger the ball of snow becomes. The more people that view your video and share the news on their FaceBook pages the larger your viewing numbers will grow to be and the more successful you will be at getting additional viewers because of increased search engine rankings. This is a no lose means of getting more views.


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