How can I Create Multiple Channels for One YouTube Account?

How can I Create Multiple Channels for One YouTube Account?

A lot of people who have YouTube channels have been frustrated in the past because they had to establish a separate account for each of the channels they had. It was perfectly legal, and acceptable to have multiple channels, as long as each channel was supported by a separate account. The good news is that Google+ has created a way for their users to circumvent this regulation.

Google+ has made it possible for people with several YouTube channels to connect all of those channels to their Google+ page, where they can then manage the channels. 

This means that people do not have to spend a lot of time logging into one account, out of another account, and getting confused in the process. People with several YouTube channels will log into their Google+ account and after they link their channels to this account they will be able to manage the channels, make necessary changes to the channels, and supervise the traffic the channels are receiving.

In order to make a new channel that will be connected to a Google+ page you will first need to sign into your Google+ account. 

You must be the approved manager or the owner of the page to make any changes to the page. 

If this is a new Google+ page you will need to go to and once you are on that page select the option to create a new channel. Each channel will need to be named so you can later identify it.

If you are creating a new channel and connecting it to an existing Google+ page you simply sign into the account page and go directly to the channel switching page selection. You click the name of the page and the avatar for the Goggle+ page.

This process is really simpler than the instructions make it seem to be, and yet there are some people who have gotten confused during the process and became frustrated because they had trouble performing the actions needed. If you have difficulties in establishing a Google+ account page that allows you to control several different YouTube channels from one location you can seek the help and advice of the Google+ support team.

The support team is ready and willing to take you through the process so that you understand it and are able to get your channels working in the manner you want them to. You should always utilize your support staff to the different websites, software applications, and other online things you participate in.

Google+ is trying to make life simpler for their users and YouTube also wants the lives of their contributors to be easier, so together these entities are working out a system to benefit you.


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