How to download your articles as videos?

How to download your articles as videos?

In today's worlds everyone of us has access to multiple computers and devices. We work at a PC at office and with a Macbook at Home. In between we all love our iPads and Galaxy phones.

With so many devices at our disposal, at times it is tough to make sure that our videos will work for everyone and across all devices.
For this reason Article Video Robot has tested several different video formats and codecs to make sure we can provide you with videos which work across the board seamlessly.

We have tested our video with all modern browsers and Operating System including those of popular phones and tablets to make sure every video produced by us can be consumed directly by all your potential viewers.

Downloading your video as MOV, FLV or AVI files

Still many of our advanced like to tweak with video formats to allow us compatibility with certain software. In certain cases formats likes MOV (works amazingly with all Apple devices), FLV (recommended for Adobe Flash) are needed for specific needs.

That is why we also provide an option to download your videos in different formats.

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