Why Closed Captioning is Important for your YouTube Videos?

Why Closed Captioning is Important for your YouTube Videos?

YouTube videos are one of the best internet marketing tools available. People like to see things in motion, and you can use these videos to showcase your products, services, or company. The pictures and the sound allow people to simply sit back and watch their screens instead of having to read a written article on the subject.

So why should you bother to put closed captioning on your YouTube videos?

The biggest reason for using Closed captioning in a YouTube video is SEO.  A closed captioning file make it very easy for YouTube to understand the context of your video. In videos YouTube don't have too much content to judge it, but this is an obvious avenue which will help YouTube understand the relevance of your video.

This can often result in higher rankings for your videos.

Another obvious reason for closed captioning of your videos is that people with hearing impairments or hearing loss may not be able to understand what the message is because they cannot fully understand the words. With Article Video Robot, you can download SRT file for any of your videos right from your video preview page.

It is estimated that approximately two thirds of the world’s population are people with hearing impairments. By providing closed captioning these individuals can watch your videos and can understand them completely. 

This will give you a potential sales increase of two thirds.

Another good reason for the closed captioning is that a lot of people watch these YouTube videos while they are in bed, or while they are at work. This means that they may want to see the video, but they want to remain quiet so that they do not disturb anyone else. The closed captioning allows them to watch the video and not have the sound turned on. This also keeps employees from being caught watching YouTube while they are at work.

Another good reason for the closed captioning is that some people who speak a different language than the one the video was produced in may have a hard time understanding the words that are being spoken. When they have the option to read the words at the bottom of the screen they can fully understand what is being said.

Closed captioning also allows the writing to be in another language other than the language spoken by the person orating the video clip. This makes it possible for the video to be broadcast to a larger number of people. 

The YouTube audience is made up of millions of people from every different country, ethnicity, and language. 

Having the closed captioning on the screen means that you can translate what is being said on the video in every possible language and every person that wants to see can understand it when they do.

When you are trying to reach a large number of people you need to consider every possible thing that could enhance the experience for the different people. Video helps people catch the concept while they are doing other things, audio helps people who are visually impaired or unable to see the screen, closed captioning provides a way for the hearing impaired to understand the words, and for people who speak another language to see and understand the videos message.


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