Can FaceBook Videos be better than YouTube Videos?

Can FaceBook Videos be better than YouTube Videos?

FaceBook and YouTube both have unique features to their video sharing that make them better in some ways, equal in some, and below average in others. FaceBook videos can be instantly shared with the friends of the person posting the video. That means that instantly a lot of people will see the FaceBook video.

YouTube videos can be instantly shared on FaceBook, Twitter, and any other website that supports them. This means that more people can have the YouTube video shared with them than can have the FaceBook version shared with them. FaceBook videos cannot be shared off of the social media website.

More people comment on the FaceBook videos than comment on YouTube videos. 

This is mainly due to the fact that FaceBook allows the posting to be done easier than it is done on YouTube. People can immediately click on comments below the FB version and leave their comments, where you have to be logged into your YouTube account before you can comment below a video there.

The videos on FaceBook receive more “likes” than the ones on YouTube because it is easier to click the like button beneath the FB versions.

 You have to be logged into your YouTube account to “like” the video on their site. On the other hand, more videos from YouTube are shared than ones from FaceBook. It is much easier to share the YouTube videos and the links to share them with your FaceBook friends, or Twitter followers are conveniently placed beneath the image of the video you are watching.

Once one person shares the YouTube video then the people that watch it will share it with more of their friends, and like the snowball headed down the hill, the entire things just grows and grows.

YouTube is not only a video sharing site, it is also one of the three largest search engines in use today. Many people go to YouTube when they are searching for information on how to do something, where to get something, how to cure something, and many other topics. They use YouTube to search for the answers before they use Google, Chrome, and Or Yahoo. That means videos on this site are going to be recommended to be viewed by search engines faster than the ones on FaceBook are recommended.

Even if people use the other search engines to type in their keywords any YouTube video that has relevance to the keyword they use will be suggested quicker than a FaceBook video will because YouTube allows their video clips to be played on so many different websites.

YouTube can also keep a count of how many people have viewed and shared your video, and that is something that the FB version cannot do.


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