How can I add subscription button and call-to-action links inside my video?

With AVR we have also included a $147 call-to-action player which our business users can use to capture leads through embedded forms and traffic through embedded call-to-action buttons.
Users have option to customize every aspect of the player and start capturing leads right from the video page.



I paid full amount but I don't have this "How can I add subscription button and call-to-action links inside my video?"”

Binny Mathew Binny Mathew (08:37 AM)

“@Binny: I noticed that this issue has been resolved via support desk. Please let us know if you need any further assistance from our end.”

Navneet Rai Navneet Rai (23:31 PM)

“Where can I find the Call to Action settings while setting up the video? Perhaps I am missing it but I would like to utitlize this feature as it is no unlocked to my account. Thanks! ”

Jessica Jessica (09:01 AM)

“The call to action is in the pre view of the video after submitting it, after preview video and scroll to bottom page and it will say embed click and there you go.”

chris chris (18:25 PM)

“Can I use HTML for the call to action (optin form) even if this is not from Aweber or similar service? ”

Ingming Aberia Ingming Aberia (01:31 AM)
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