How can you spread your Video to Niche Blogs and Forums?

How can you spread your Video to Niche Blogs and Forums?

Getting your video channel onto niche forums and blogs is really easy to do. Very few people realize that internet marketing strategies like creating back links to relevant sites to attract the search engine spiders also works with YouTube videos.

To get your videos onto blogs and forums you have to search for blogs and forums that have relevance to the contents of your video. For instance; if your video is about fashion you cannot get it linked to a niche blog about children’s cold remedies. You have to find blogs and forum discussions about what your video content is.

Once you have found several niche blogs and forums with relevance to your video simply go visit them. You can usually join the discussion as a guest on these sites. You may have to provide some log in information and create an account, but they do not usually charge you to do this.

You read the forum postings and you respond intelligently to the discussion and include your link to your video. Try and be savvy about including the link. Do not reply under a blog “I agree” and leave your video link. Instead you need to say something like “I totally agree with what you are saying. You can learn more on this subject at;” and then add your link to your video.

The vast majority of these sites appreciate you coming and establishing these links. When you establish a link from their pages the search engine spiders recognize you as being more popular and are quicker to suggest your site in response to certain keywords. They also recognize the other site as being more popular and their search engine rankings improve as well. It is a win-win situation for you both.

If your video does not contain relevant information to the blog or forum you are linking to you could be causing the search engines to lower you in their rankings and could also be doing harm to the rankings of the other person. Make sure you are not applying apples when the recipe called for oranges.

You need to establish these links with several different blogs and forums, but you also have to keep the links working, and you have to return to the blogs and forums frequently so that you can insert the link after fresh discussions.

Get a list of forums that you like, that are relevant to your material, and visit them on a scheduled basis. On each visit you have the opportunity to comment and to leave a link to your blog. The forum conductor will see you as a regular and they may even begin to suggest your video to others.


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