How To Make Money With YouTube and Amazon Associate Program?

Step 1: Choose a product you want to promote on amazon

This system works for any product but I generally prefer to go for high traffic, high price items like home theater systems, laptops, etc.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom and click “See all XXX customer reviews” link

Step 3: Under every review you will see a Permalink for that review. Right click and copy the URL of your review. In my personal opinion, I’ve found that short reviews look better in video.

Step 4: Paste that Permalink in the Article Video Robot’s one click converter and click Import article.

Step 5 (optional): Add some product photos using the Add image button. This helps to make you videos look more engaging and improves the CTR. 

You should also edit the “Article Title” and “Article body” and remove unnecessary text and some paragraph breaks, formatting to create better videos.

Step 6: Click the convert to video button!

That’s it! Article Video Robot will now convert your Amazon review into a live-talking article.

Step 7 (optional): Once your video is published you can use Video Submit Robot to submit this video to 50+ video and social sharing websites in one click!


P.S. Very important! Make sure that you paste your amazon affiliate link to the product page in the YouTube description and also the Video URL. You may also remember that now it is possible to create links inside your YouTube videos. Here is a 100% working method to add external links inside YouTube videos.

P.P.S. Read our guide on how to create an engaging title for your video. This can make a difference of night and day for your video traffic and rankings.

P.P.P.S. Try not to use your main YouTube account when promoting affiliate products for any site (always a good idea not to keep all your eggs in one basket). It is better to create a new account and have the channel name and username as your target keyword. It helps your video SEO a lot.


“Goood info.. thanks for keeping it short and sweet! :)”

Otis Roberts Otis Roberts (06:50 AM)

“I have been promoting amazon products for a very long time but this is the first time I've heard of it.. the method looks great. i myself have left hundreds of reviews on amazon products, so this is a goldmine for me!!”

Beverly Alexander Beverly Alexander (07:11 AM)

“good report. can i use this for ebay also?”

Robin L. Levesque Robin L. Levesque (07:32 AM)

“hi everyone! thanks for your kind comments :)

@robin: ebay doesn't have product review but you can always use your eBay affiliate URL inside the video and description to make money :)”

San Kumar San Kumar (07:54 AM)

“thanks for that help how can create article to a video and promote it to get more traffic thank you ”


“Hi: Would this work as well with Clickbank products? Thanks.”

Bob Gruhl Bob Gruhl (09:18 AM)

“Does amazon allow you to do their program and link from youtube?”

Andrew Andrew (09:45 AM)

“@bob yes you surely can. you can turn articles and blog posts into videos too! just make sure to use yout CB affiliate URL inside the video and description.

@Andrew: yes they do allow it. to create links from inside your video you will have to use a redirection domain, authorize it for your youtube account and then you can redirect it to amazon using your affiliate link. hope this helps!”

San Kumar San Kumar (10:25 AM)

“AWESOME Idea! Thank you so much!”

Brenda Trott Brenda Trott (11:10 AM)

“@Brenda: thanks.. glad you like it! :)”

San Kumar San Kumar (11:16 AM)

“What about using other peoples reviews in your video? Could that get you in trouble?”

Andrew Andrew (11:39 AM)

“@Andrew: yes i would say it would best you use your own reviews as it may be against Amazons TOS.. most people generally have a lot of reviews over time. you can find yours here:”

San Kumar San Kumar (12:01 PM)

“Thanks for the email. I am getting ready to give this a try right now. It looks pretty awesome and I believe these guys that left comments sound pretty stoked about this new tool.

See you at the top!

David David (08:25 AM)

“Hi.Looks like this should work great. However on my Amazon it does not show permalink. At the bottom of review it shows Comment Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse
and that is it. Where would I get the permalink? Thanks for yor time.”

Richard Richard (05:34 AM)
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