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Traffic Generation - 7 Simple Ways To Drive Free Traffic To ...

Wednesday, 10th of December 2014: Traffic generation is part of a business strategy for all businesses, online or offline. All busines...

All business require traffic for leads and sales, either in the form of people visiting your shops, or people visiting your blog online.

  • Traffic generation is part of a business strategy for all businesses, online or offline.
  • Now, if you are new to the internet, you would have heard of many different ways to generate traffic online.

To drive traffic from social media, always share good information about your business, either by writing articles or shooting videos.

  • 1. Social Media
  • When your social media friends like your information, they will share it with you with their own groups of friends too!

If they do that, they will be directed to your blog.

  1. 2. Blog Commenting
  • However, do note that you must always leave good and valued comments on people's blog post, and not spam people's blog post with links and irrelevant content.

This sites have massive viewership everyday and this gives you the chance to exposure your business to millions of people online.

  • 3. Video Marketing
  • Videos also allows you to connect deeper with your readers and prospects too.

Article directories have millions of readers everyday and putting your great articles in front of them will drive you tons of free traffic!

  • 4. Article Marketing

If you write well, search engine spiders will find your page and rank them high in their search engine.

  • 5. Search Engine Optimization
  • Ranking high will allow anyone who search for a particular keyword to find your article at the top few searches, and allow people to find your content easily.

Take part in discussions and share valued opinions with the community there.

  • 6. Forums Marketing
  • When you share your advise and business expertise in forums, people will like and trust you, and definitely find out more about you in your blog.

You are sharing your knowledge and expertise to someone else readers and if your content help them, they will want to find out more about you and know you better, at your blog!

  • 7. Guest Posts
  • So there you go, 7 simple traffic generation strategies to drive free traffic to your blog, starting from today!