7 new video marketing features added to your AVR account

This is Bob. I'm the Software test engineer for Article video robot. Ever since the launch of version 2.0 we have received hundreds of emails and suggestions. Here are the 7 new features we've added in the last month alone.

Anyway, here are the new features (with screenshots)

1. Instant video previews: This was our most requested feature. AVR 2.0 now shows instant video previews. What this means to you is that you don't have to wait for the video to render anymore.

Instant video previews

2. Free automatic submission to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube: Now you don't have to spend any submission credits to automatically upload your video after publishing. You don't even have to create a video submit robot project for that! Just use these options and we will take care of sharing your video everywhere.

Free automatic submission

3. Closed captioning support: Did you know that YouTube ranks videos with subtitles higher? These videos also carry a small "CC" logo in search results, which can increase CTR. Now you too can download closed captions for your videos like this and then add them to your YouTube videos.

Closed captioning support

4. Fully interactive guided tour: For our new users we have added a fully interactive guided tour that will take you step-by-step through the whole video creation process. This tour can be accessed from the "Help" menu inside your member's area.

Fully interactive guided tour

5. MP3 audio for podcasting: Now you can download your videos as MP3 files and share it as podcasts on your blogs and websites.

MP3 audio for podcasting

6. New classic theme: A lot of members emailed us about the AVR 1.0 theme. We have introduced that simple and elegant theme back in AVR 2.0 under the name "Classic" theme. We are also working on more themes and adding them to your account very soon.

New Classic theme

7. More intro videos added: We have added more than half-a-dozen intro videos (both male and female) to make your videos even more better looking and engaging.

More intro videos

So which feature do you want us to add next? Just add a comment button and tell me :)



“I would like to be able to share videos I created to all my Facebook groups with one click. That would make this software superior.”

Bernard Lambert Bernard Lambert (19:51 PM)


Machhindra Mali Machhindra Mali (11:20 AM)

“Hi Guys,
Love the product. It would be good if we could edit the themes to create a custom theme. I know I can add a background image but it would be good to be able to edit it more. Also an automated PDF of the text would also be good - the powerpoint is great!”

The Greals The Greals (01:06 AM)
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