Why you must Create Custom Thumbnails for your YouTube Videos?

Why you must Create Custom Thumbnails for your YouTube Videos?

When people are browsing online and they get a suggestion from the search engine they like to read a description that tells them if the pages they are being directed to are actually pages that contain the information they are searching for. The better the description depicts what is covered on the pages, the more people will travel to those pages, and stay long enough to buy something, or get the full benefit of them.

The custom thumbnails you create for your YouTube videos serve the same purpose as the descriptions beneath your name in the search engine directory. 

The thumbnail gives the person that is trying to decide whether or not to go view your video a clear idea of what your video contains. If your video is suggested because a person typed in a keyword, but there is no thumbnail attached, the person may not realize the relevance your video content has to their keyword search. This could cause them to pass over your video and choose another one that they could identify more closely with. The thumbnail saves you from losing browsers just because they are uncertain of the relevant content your clip might contain.

Custom thumbnails can separate your video clips from other ones that are close to being the same. If anything is successful, then hundreds of people are going to try and jump on the bandwagon and get a piece of the action. This means that many other people will place similar videos on the sharing site in hopes of getting some of the views and attention your video was attracting.

Custom thumbnails allows the individual to see if where they are about to go is where they really wanted to go. They can eliminate many of the copy-cat videos by using the custom thumbnail view that yo provide to them.

In the world of sales and advertising you have to use every resource that is available to you and you have to use every means of making sure that the public knows of your presence, and can distinguish your product from the many other products that are close to being the same.

It is like all of the different cola flavored soft drinks. Each of these drinks have to have distinguishable packaging to keep customers choosing their brand over the brands of the competitors. 

The thumbnails can be considered to be distinctive packaging that helps viewers distinguish your brand from all of the other brands available on the market.

If you create thumbnails then you create a sure fire way for people to choose your video over all of the others. You may also be creating a way to make people who are uncertain what they want to see have an increased interest in what you are offering.


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