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Videos Rank Faster Than Articles!

  • Google ranks video results higher than articles and blog posts.
  • Videos rank instantly on Google: usually within minutes of uploading to Youtube!
  • Video thumbnail next to a search result increases CTR by 26%
  • Google ranks content with videos as more relevant and in-depth.
  • Get boosts in organic traffic up to a whopping 250% by adding videos to your blog posts and articles.

1,376,457+ marketing videos created by 149,404 internet marketers

From top Internet Marketers to small business owners, everyone uses and recommends Article Video Robot!

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Create Traffic Pulling Viral Videos For any Product or Niche - Without Camera or Editing

Some Sample Videos Created With Article Video Robot in Less Than 2 mins!

Article to Video

The most popular type of video is a content video. It’s a video you create from an article or text.

You can write your own article or use our built-in article search to find the best articles for your keyword. Then convert it into a live-talking video in just one click!

Listicle (or Top-10 videos)

YouTube's most successful channels like Buzzfeed, Watchmojo, Screen rant have used these type of videos to get millions of views and subscribers.

Now you too can make such videos for your own product or website by just typing a single keyword.

News Videos

Rank on top of search results and get more subscribers by creating video newsletters about the latest trends and news in your industry or niche.

Article Video Robot can turn your keyword into an enaging news video in just a few clicks!

Quiz Videos

Educate and engage your viewers with video quizzes. Quiz videos have high engagement rates which mean good search ranking and higher CTR. They also help in increasing trust and authority of your brand.

Do you have a wordpress Blog?

Now you can instantly turn your blog posts into videos!

Get Higher rankings in Google and Double Your traffic - 100% Automatically.

Studies show that blog posts with videos rank higher in search results than posts with images.

Increase your blog's traffic and rank higher in Google with our automatic blog to video wordpress plugin.

Make Professional Studio Quality Videos in Minutes!

No camera or video editing

Article Video Robot is the world's only software that can convert any plain-text article into a stunning marketing video with animation, music, graphics and a complete voice-over in just one single click!

Lifelike Voice-overs

No need to hire expensive voice-artists or narrate videos with a mic.

Just pick from hundreds of natural human-sounding voices that will narrate your videos in just 1 click.

150+ Animated Text

Marketers will find that our tool is an excellent content marketing strategy by creating high quality videos at no cost and with little effort on their part."

Millions of stock images

In built search for popular stock image and video websites like Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash and more make customising your videos super easy and fast.

100+ Professional Templates

Not a designer? Don’t know anything about making videos? Doesn’t matter.

Article Video Robot comes bundled with hundreds of designer templates and presets to make your video stand out. In just a single click you can create amazing Hollywood style videos!

Automatic Video Distribution

Article Video Robot is a Zapier partner.

This means that you can use Zapier automatically upload your video to 100+ social and video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Reddit, etc for free - 100% automatically.

New YouTube Video SEO Tool

Rank Your Videos on Google and YouTube without Learning Video SEO!

What’s the point of making videos if nobody watches them? That’s why we’ve created an amazing YouTube Video SEO tool for all members.

It takes all the technical mumbo jumbo out of video SEO and gives you the exact Video title, description and tags to rank it almost instantly. We’ve seen videos rank on top of Google in 2 minutes after upload using this tool.

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“My video hit first page of Google in 24 hours!”

Dude, this software is insanely powerful. I whipping out videos in 15 minutes and actually get results. I literally hit the first page in less than 24 hours.. Not just first page, but #1 targeting ''KEYWORD Bonus' which isn't even that long tail!

Anoosh Kashefi

Full Featured Video Editor

Did you know Article video robot video comes with a fully featured video editor?

It has powerful video editing features like Adobe's Premiere Pro, yet it's easier to use than Windows moviemaker.

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Automatic Video Distribution To 100+ Sites

Article Video Robot is a Zapier partner. This means that you can connect your AVR account to 1000+ zapier apps and distribute your video to social and video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Reddit, etc for free - 100% automatically.

Get your videos in front of more people and generate even more leads and traffic for your business without doing anything extra!

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Join 149,404+ internet marketers

( no signup / credit card required )

Customers love Article Video Robot!

Customers that have used Article Video Robot cannot imagine doing marketing without it.

Here are some unsolicited testimonials about AVR from our customers (taken straight from the inbox)

Writing content is easy. Turning that content into a video is hard. Article video robot helps you bridge that gap by automatically turning your plain text articles into live talking videos that you can upload to Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.
So now you get double or triple your content marketing traffic with the power of video marketing.

Yes, turning articles into videos help a lot with search engine marketing because videos often outrank articles and hold the top ranking positions in Google.
You have already done the hard part of creating the content. Now you can turn them into videos and start ranking on Google too.

Article video robot comes with a powerful online video editor using which you can tweak every aspect of your video including timing, position, keyframes, filters, and more.
The video editor is powerful as Adobe after effects yet simple to use than Windows movie maker.

Article video robot can upload the videos you create to 100+ video and social sharing websites via Zapier.
The more places you upload your video the more leads and traffic you can generate.
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Article Video Robot is the easiest way to turn your ideas into videos - quickly and easily.

All you need is a keyword (or a script) and our A.I. will take care of the rest including the animation, adding relevant video clips or images, doing the voice narration and everything else!

Every video created with Article video robot is visually unique and designed to engage. You can try all features and create as many videos as you like for Free (no signup or credit card required).

But does it really work? Only one way to find out!

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