Frequently asked questions

Why does Article Video Robot break my text?

Article Video Robot will sometimes break long text into smaller slides. Videos are a visual medium, so it is important to make sure that your text is readable and visually appealing for the viewers.

wall of text
In our testing we found that viewers quickly lose interest when there is a 'wall of text' like this in the video.

But this feature is optional, and you can disable it by putting a large number like 9999 as shown in the image below.

disable text splitting
(disable text splitting)

How do I rank my videos on Google and YouTube?

ArticleVideoRobot comes with its own video ranking tool. It will give you the exact title, description, and keywords to help you rank your videos on Google and YouTube almost instantly.

video seo
(AVR's YouTube Video SEO tool)

We have ranked thousands of videos on Google and YouTube using this tool in less than 5 minutes after upload, and now you can too! Learn more

My video is too fast! How do I slow it down?

Article video robot automatically sets the slide duration to the length of the voice-over to keep everything in sync.

But sometimes you may need to slow a slide down to make it look better.

Set minimum slide duration
(Set minimum slide duration)

For that you have the option to set a minimum duration for each slide.

Additionally, AVR comes with a fully featured video editor in which you can adjust the speed and time for each individual item in the slide.

video timeline
(video timeline)

Why don't the slides change when I press back and edit my article?

Once the slides are generated they will not change, even if you edit your article. This is to prevent accidental overwriting for any edits you may have made since they were originally created.

But you can force AVR to re-create the slides as shown in the image below.

re-generate all slides
(regenerate all slides)

I changed the text of my slide, but it's still playing the old audio?

Once the audio is generated for a slide it will not overwrite automatically (even when you change the text). This is to prevent any accidental overwriting of the audio files (including mic recordings or mp3 uploads). This also means if you change the default narrator voice for your video, the slides with old audio will not switch to the new voice automatically.

But you can force AVR to re-create the audio for your slides by clicking the small red cross (which clears the audio).

clear audio
(reset the audio for the slide)

This is also useful if you've changed the default narrator voice and want to use the new voice for all slides.

Can I add a custom video (like a screen recording) in between two slides?

Yes, you can add a custom video in between two slides as shown in the image below.

insert video clip
(add a custom video clip)

This will add a new slide with a video placeholder in between your two slides. You can now replace the video placeholder with your custom video clip or any YouTube video as shown in the image below.

custom clip
(add a YouTube video video)

AVR is not able to find relevant images for my article?

Our database consists of millions of images and videos but for proprietary keywords / brand names it's sometimes hard to find relevant images.

For such cases you can use the Google / Bing or Giphy image search as shown in the image below.

google image search
(add a custom video)

Plus, you can always upload your own images as described in the question below.

Can I upload my own images to my slides?

Yes, you can upload your own images and videos by clicking the blue upload button as shown in the image below.

upload images
(add a custom image)

How can I change the background music for my video?

AVR comes with hundreds of background music tracks. You can use the arrows to quickly change the music you want to use.

change bg music
(change the background music)

You can also upload your own background music by clicking the blue upload button.

How do I change the video size for instagram?

You can resize your videos into different sizes suitable for facebook, instagram, YouTube, etc. in just one click as shown in the image below.

change size
(change the video size)

How can I add my website info at the bottom of my video?

There are two ways to do it.

  1. Add it as a watermark on your video as shown in the image below.

(in the video watermark)

  1. Use the contact screen to add your website info at the end of your video, i.e. video outro.

video outro
(in the video outro)

How can I download a Mp4 file of my videos?

While the video previews are generated instantly, it does take some time to render the final video. So we will email you when the video is ready. Please note, users who have unsubscribed from our emails will not get this email.

Additionally, you will be notified you in the member's area using the small bell icon in the top right corner of the screen as shown in the image below.

bell icon
(bell icon)

For old videos, you can download the video by clicking the cog button in front of the project name as shown in the image below.

download video
(download video)

How can I change the text alignment for my slides?

You can change the text alignment for your slides by clicking the "Effect dropdown" and selecting the text alignment option from the "Other menu" as shown in the image below.

Change text alignment
(Change text alignment)

Can I use my own voice / custom voice-over for video narration?

Yes, you can use your own voice for video narration.

  1. If you already have a Mp3 file of your own voice-over, e.g. done by a professional voice-over artist, you can upload it by clicking the upload mp3 file button as shown in the image below (it's under the text box where you paste your article)

Upload custom voice-over
(Upload custom voice-over)

Article Video Robot will then automatically transcribe the mp3 file into text and sync the voice-over to the video.

  1. If you wish to use your own voice for video narration, you can do so using the in-built voice-recorder.

Use a mic to record voice-over
(Use your mic to record voice-over)

Now just speak the sentence that is flashing on your screen and click Next. That's it!